Personal Stress vs Nursing School

  1. So, I know I am not the only person who had had marital problems, but I feel I need tips to see my way through school without letting my personal life destroy the hard work I have done to become a nursing student.
    Just after I was accepted, my husband and I began to experience marital problems. I am in pain over our situation and it really messes with my concentration.
    We are going to begin counselling, but I am afraid things may not work out for us. We have two children who I don't want to see hurt and I have hopes for a nursing career so I can grow as a person.
    It is hard to get focused on school when I just want to dwell on us and putting our marriage right, if we can.
    We have both made terrible mistakes.
    I am experiencing a lot of anger!
    What have others done to keep their energies focused on succeeding when the rest of their lives seem to be failing?
    Thanks for any advice.
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    I am going through the exact same thing, only my husband refuses to go to counceling with me. The best advice anyone gave me was my aunt who has been a LPN for 30 years; she said "the only thing you can control is yourself and how you deal/respond to things". I cannot control him or how he feels, I cannot even control our marriage, but I can heal myself. Yesturday I went and made an appointment with a councelor at the university I'm at (might as well recieve some of those services my tuition is paying!) I am trying to manage my own feelings and frustrations and preventing it from getting in the way of my BSN program. I even had to write on a card all the reasons I want to be a when ever I get discouraged I can look up and be reminded. It doesnt always make me feel warm and fuzzy, but it helps keep the eye on the prize.