1. HI I was wondering what every one thought of the idea of peircings in the nursing proffession. I've never really seen a nurse with a facial peircing. I start my clinicals in the fall, and curantly have an eyebrow ring, which i will probly change to a barbell in the summer so that my empoyer (I'm a server in a restorant for the summers) can have their way, (barbells are easier to take in and out, the ball screws on and off, whereas a ring you need plyers)

    I only got the peircing for fun, something temperary and harmless to do in first year University, I only want it for a year or two. Just wondering if there are any other nurses out their with facial peircings, and what you do about them while at work. and if anyone has an opinion they feel like adding too.
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  3. by   chaosRN
    There is a RT at my hospital with his eyebrow pierced. When he has his retainer in, you can't tell he has it. I've worked with him for a couple of years & just noticed it this year. He accidently forgot to take it out. Worked nights, so it wasn't a big deal.
    I have multiple ear piercings as well as my tragus. Makes for good conversation. I know I'll probablly hear about this...... recently got my tongue pierced. I don't talk funny, I don't play with it on my teeth. I had it about 2-3 weeks before any coworkers noticed. If any pt has noticed, noone has said anything yet. I would like to get my eyebrow pierced, but I think that going too far for me. :chuckle
  4. by   orrnlori
    Well, I'm a hippie-turn-old-fart I guess. I do not like to see nurses with piercings other than their ears (multiples in the ears is fine as long as they aren't dripping with big hoops and dangles). I don't think I've ever seen any nurses in my hospital (I think there's somewhere around 1100 of us) with eyebrow rings. I think it's fine for artsy professions and when one is in college, but once you become a nurse, this is one area that I think needs consideration. I know it's probably not a with-it attitude for me to have. I can't help it, I hate rap and head-banger music too and won't stand for it in the OR despite the protests of the 20-something residents.
  5. by   NannaNurse
    Hi all.......I did have my tongue pierced......just got tired of it.....didn't talk funny, etc.....nobody noticed.
    I do have my nose pierced, very small diamond stud.....only a couple of comments.........'oh i love it'.........'that looks so sheik'........

    if they are small and the folks who have them are not constantly messing with them, I really don't see the problem.........

    I get teased by my co-workers...only because I also ride a harley........go figure!!
  6. by   manna
    I'd love to have a facial piercing - guess I'm an alterna-freak kinda girl... but my ultra-conservative job won't allow it, and I don't imagine nursing school will either. Oh well - for the sacrifice of a little individuality.......
  7. by   HU_nurse
    i have my tongue pierced and no one even noticed but I think a brow piercing may be easier to see....
  8. by   Still Riding
    I'm in the 4 year BScN program and our first year was all about theory so no clinicals yet(micro, biochem, psyc, and so on) I've had it for about 4 months now and it has healed enough to be taken out for a while when I work this summer and have clinical. I was just wondering what everyone thought of them. I really like mine, but i only want it for a couple years if that.

    I actually e-mailed one of the clinical profs at my school and she said that if the agency we will be working at doesn't have a policy against facial peircings, and my clinical prof deams it safe, and finally if I feel that it is an Ok image to give to patients than I can do as I wish. I was very suprisd at how open they were. I was expecting the "NO"

    On the topic of tongue rings, that was actually my first choice, but i decided against it for a couple reasons. one is that I play hockey alot getting hit is part of the game, and I ride horses copetively, and falling off is part of the deal. also since I do quite a bit of training through of the young green never been ridden horses (I love to see them learn and understand that being ridden can be fun). I was scared to chip my teeth as that is not a temperary thing. I also have a very figity personality, so i was scared that I would be one of those annoying poeple who constantly play with it.

    SO I decided that my eyebrow would be fun.
  9. by   cubRN
    Hey all:

    Piercing are still cool and safe. When I was going to school, I actuakky worked as a body piercer for a tatto shopback in 97. So have had alot of piercings in my time including: eye brow, nose, septum, labret, stretched ears to 6 gauge, tragus, frenum, pa and both nipples. What better than someone who is trained in aseptic technique and uses needles all the time.....not to mention the health teaching and follow up. I had clinical in a small town hospital so there was definetly no way I could get away with my expression of art, unfortunately alot of judgemental people. Not that i wanted to fall into the biest that people think that you cant take care of a patient because you have metal in your face....cause as we all now that is not realistic. So i hope the times are different and people are not segregated for what they enjoy. But if you need to remove your jewlery then use flesh colour clean fishing line, cut it to size, burning the one end and make it flat by pressing on the table, dip it in rubbing alcohol, let it dry, there you go you have an inexpensive retainer. Enjoy your freedom.....Live your life......Love your life
  10. by   Jailhouse RN
    Piercings that can be seen while working or in uniform are not professional looking. Metal form an oral piercing looks like you don't have the manners to empty your mouth before speaking. I don't personally care for body piercings but, to each his / her own. All the schools and hospitals I have worked in and DOCS do not allow body piercings or full body tatoos to show while at work. No offence to those who like that kind of thing but I would demand another nurse. I find it very unprofessional. Most nursing schools have rules against them.
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  11. by   flinky23
    I have pierced ears (2 in each ear) and in the last 2-3 years I have discovered body piercing. I use a very reputable salon, and have had both nipples, my clitoris and most recently my navel done. My reasons however, are probably far different than most. After having breastfed 3 children (including twins) I had lost all sensation in my nipples. The piercings remedied that situation! Plus I think it looks pretty cool The piercing to the 'far south' was decided upon after years of antidepressants, including Prozac 40mg bid, then changed to Effexor. Inasmuch as these meds have helped me, they do play hell on your sex life, especially desire and response. I had lost all ability to respond to 'The Touch' (without getting TOO graphic) but found that the piercing has WOW restored sensation and ability to enjoy activities that I thought I would never enjoy again. The navel ring was an impulse decision, and has actually been the hardest one to heal. Unfortunately, I'm just over 5'3, so side rails manage to hit me right at the level of that ring EVERY time. Still not sure if it is staying or going...LOL Once again referring to having twins, I laugh and say I got that piercing to let me know where my belly button is...I havent seen it in 12 years! LOL
  12. by   Alnamvet
    In case I didn't say it before, real low rent
  13. by   jaimealmostRN
    Quote from chaosRN
    I have multiple ear piercings as well as my tragus. Makes for good conversation.
    Ok, wow, I must be really really out of the loop, but what the heck is a "tragus" piercing? I currently have just my navel and ears pierced, but way back when (actaually like 5 yrs ago) I had my septum and nipples. And I'm like the last person you'd even expect to have their septum done, but oh well. Last summer I got my first tattoo (on my back) and now I really want another! I think that if your appearance is otherwise polished then having a small nose (nostril side) stud or nice barbell in your eyebrow is ok. NO HOOPS though, someone confused WILL pull it(happened with a coworkers hoop earring)! This guy I work with has his frenulum (sp?) done and no one has ever made a negative comment regarding it to my knowedge.
  14. by   nurseunderwater
    Quote from Alnamvet
    In case I didn't say it before, real low rent

    Oh, poo poo...

    Every generation has it's own culture. Even the generations before us X'rs got a bad rap there have always been people who have been "outside" the accepted practices of his/her culture.

    Body peircing has been around for a loooooooooooong time. Being that American culture is so new, do you find it strange that while creating our "new" culuture, we borrow from other, more integrated cultures?

    I have had my nose done on several occassions, once as a "give away" before my first sons surgery. It was a way of offering up a sacrifice of my own comfort as a prayer for his.

    Many people have various reasons for piercing....this is not "low rent", to many it is deeply symbolic to others it is a form of pleasure.

    As far as facial piercings in the workplace......retainers are a good thing
    As far as other piercings are concerned.........hey, if you have them, enjoy them

    That's my story and I'm stickin' to it....