Pay for precepting

  1. Hello,

    I would like to know if any of the places you work in pay a premium for precepting new hires to your workplace? If so, how much is the premium?
    Is there any other compensation? If so what is it???
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  3. by   Tweety
    We get "pay for skills". When we begin precepting it's a skill added into our job description. Each skill is 4%. So when you begin precepting it's a 4% raise that you get from then on whether or not you're actively precepting or not.
  4. by   DutchgirlRN
    $1.00 an hour extra for precepting. When the new employee has been there for 6 months, a $100.00 bonus. When the employee has been there for one year an extra $150.00 bonus. I've collected lots of 6 months bonuses and maybe 6 one year bonuses. It didn't really matter to me because I enjoyed precepting anyway but hey why not take the money? !
  5. by   mamason
    Preceptors were paid one dollar more an hour while precepting a new nurse.
  6. by   llg
    At my hospital, there is a $1.50 per hour differential for precepting. It's been that amount for several years and many people feel it is time for a raise.

    We also have a formal mentoring program program for new graduates for the first year beyond orientation. Mentors receive a flat rate of $200 per month (but are expected to buy their protege a few little gifts with part of that money.)

  7. by   RunningWithScissors
    My hospital pays nothing for precepting.

    Sometimes, you get to know in advance if you have a new nurse to precept.

    Half the time, you show up to work as usual and get presented with a new nurse starting and "she will be with you".

    If you're on the clinical ladder, you get points for precepting, but some nurses are not on the ladder, and the new hires seem to be assigned randomly.

    BTW, we have a lot of new hires, and NONE of the nurses I precepted last year OR this year are still around, except of coarse the one I am currently precepting, who says as soon as we get better staffed she's planning on leaving for another department.