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My daughter recently suffered a back injury when a client repeatedly ignored the EMT warnings to keep hands inside the stretcher and instead grabbed a stair rail while being transprted. An UAP was... Read More

  1. by   Jenny P
    Please check out some of the following websites for info:

    Some of these resourses contain info on many different articles; I haven't read most of them, but see if there is something here to help you to prevent or defuse future violence towards you; and I know that there is legal info included also. Sorry I'm not much help right now; just put in 2 hrs of overtime and am on my way to bed so I can make it back to work tonight!

    Jenny P
  2. by   thebonster
    Over the last 12 years I have been...

    kicked in the face (post-op pit tumor gone beserk)

    dragged down a hallway by my arm (I was 8 months pregnant)

    punched in the sternum (I asked a man to finish off shaving himself)

    slapped on the arm, leg back and gluteus maximus

    And so many "Swing and a miss" that I quit counting
    should get danger pay!
  3. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    From deep in the heart of Texas

    I have recieved a number of injuries from bites to cracked ribs. All from chemically challenged patients. Most of these occurrences could have been prevented with an adequate security force. But thats another story or poll
  4. by   Sleepyeyes
    Ummm... lessee. I've been:
    bitten (she bled; it broke my skin just barely)
    hair pulled
    nail-dug (still have the scar)
    punched (luckily I didn't get the full force)
    pooped on
    vomited on
    bled on
    MRSA- & TB- breathed on

    --oh yeah, and I got stuck when some brainless dolt disposed of a piggyback needle in the regular trash (and clueless me, I thought we should keep the room clean...)

    But when my back went into spasms from lifting, I was sent to "their" doctor, who described my agonized writhing on his table as "playacting."

    (Folks, I'm only in it for the money. )
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  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    PS Not one of these incidents ever went to Worker's Comp, btw.
  6. by   alwaysthere
    hit bit kicked spit vomited on, but my personally fave was the MRSA pt who tried to french me. Have Fun Yall
  7. by   MollyMo
    My only injury that required treatment was a dislocated shoulder when I got hit with an IV pole. I had to decide to either stop holding pressure on an arterial bleed or catch the pole. I shifted so it wouldn't hit me in the head and took it in the shoulder.
  8. by   birder101
    Oh yea of course I have battle scars. Besides getting punched, bitten, spit on and hair pulled, I was severely injured one time when a 200 lb paraplegic decided that my neck what a good hoist for getting out into his wheelchair. He said,"sorry if I hurt you honey". So for 4 months I suffered not only the pain of spasms, constant headaches and resultant nausea, I had the pain of the humiliation by physicians that said I was malingering, faking it, etc,etc. I was denied by workmens comp, lost my day shift position, and I eventually quit because I could never seem to get back on days. I had to hire an attorney (which is something that I never wanted to do) and I eventually won. It took two years to get my salary and 20 percent of that went to my lawyer. They said I was depressed ( who wouldn't be after all this) tried to put me on Elavil I could go on and on. After the obligatory 90 days of seeing the workmans comp doc, I finally could see my own MD. Would you believe that she ordered an xray, I have some kind of chip on my cervical vertabrae. :chuckle Well guess what? I was born with it or so they say. Well, that was over 4 years ago, I am pain free now but have to watch that I don't do neck exercises of have any weight put on my neck. I can deal with that. I really feel for any nurse that gets injured on the job. It will be your fault. You will be faking it. And you will have to put up a fight to get the care you need. Sad but true!!
  9. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    Sorry to hear that birder101
  10. by   TIREDmidnightRN
    see...this is just WRONG....don't you all feel that it is time we had LAWS to protect us better? If you can be fined 7500 dollars for accidentally harming a road crew person.....shouldn't there be SOME liability for PURPOSELY harming a health care worker???????
  11. by   birder101
    Yes and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I kid you not when I tell you that at 8:30 in the evening I spoke with the workmans comp nurse who asked me what happened. The very next morning I received my denial, in the mail!!!! What does that tell you. It tells me that they sent the denial before they even investigated. Huh, how is that for wrong. And the employee health nurse never filled any workman's comp papers on me until after the deadline of 90 days to file. And I still had to fight. I want you to know that I was working for the first 90 days of my injury, in pain, full duty, without even as much as an xray done on my neck. Now this is wrong and there should be something done. Maybe as a group we can get somewhere but as an individual it is about hopeless.
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  12. by   teeituptom
    Howdy Yall
    from deep in the heart of texas

    Well birder, you need an attorney, you are getting screwed
  13. by   birder101
    yes, teeituptom, I had a lawyer and I won, but in the long run, I lost because I will always have this injury, I can have surgery but they said that it could get worse if I have the chip removed. I lost day shift, and I lost 20 percent of the salary that I eventually got to pay for the lawyer. I did win though and it was one of the happiest days of my life when the employee health nurse lost her job. Thay may sound cruel, but she was a cruel person and I am not the only one that she screwed. Guess what though, now she works for a workmens comp agency so be warned all. lol lol