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I am interested in feedback on this situation... Imagine a mid 20s young woman who likely has PCOS but has not received a definitive dx. Last year, she bled for 8 months and then went to the ER... Read More

  1. by   morte
    Quote from leslie :-D
    my dtr has been complaining of abd pain to her pcp/clinic x 1 yr, only to be relatively dismissed.
    (they prescribed her protonix, and drew labs)
    recently, she became acutely symptomatic, results coming back as a growth on her kidney and enlarged liver.
    she told me recently left a message at this clinic, to the effect of:

    'you people have ignored my concerns for the past year, even though i insisted something was wrong.
    if you folks don't get your **** together and respond to my immediate needs this time, you're going to be dealing with my attorney, who insists he has a strong case of neglect from your facility.'

    within 5 minutes after hanging up, my dtr got a call back, and all her concerns tended to.

    i was shocked (yet very happy) she did this...
    i didn't think she had it in her, and 'mommy' was getting ready to intervene.

    sometimes you need to do whatever it takes to be heard.

    tewdles, tell her it's time to start kicking a$$.

    lol, see leslie, ya done good. Raisin' another woman who takes no prisoners!!
  2. by   morte
    OP, are we confident that any or all of the persons this patient talked ARE nurses? or are they MAs? or recptionists?
  3. by   Ginger's Mom
    I thought the same ( are these really nurses except one identified herself as a nurse). In answer to the question the nurse should have given the doctor the message, we have no evidence that the nurse did not give the message, The second time the nurse should have followed up with patient to see if the MD called.
  4. by   tewdles
    That is a good question morte...and I wondered it right out loud as well.

    The patient had asked to speak to a nurse each time she contacted the clinic. My experience with this university and its clinics is that they employ some non-nurses, but it is very "professional" oriented...

    Having said that, this young woman had to call the MD oncall over the weekend because the prescription phoned to the pharmacy on Friday evening was incorrect...and the OPERATOR scolded her for not taking care of prescriptions during the work week! So, in my estimation it is entirely possible that not all of the individuals in question were nurses. No nurse = no advocate.

    It is true that I have no idea if the nurse or the doctor dropped the ball...could be either or both...

    This is part of the sad thing for me...
    This young woman has been a patient of this health system all of her life. Her cardiac defect was diagnosed during a study that was being done in their perinatology department during the 6th month of the pregnancy. So she has literally been visiting this hospital and it's clinics regularly since before her birth.

    I agree medsurg, lack of follow up is part of the problem here. I know when I worked in the ambulatory care arena lack of follow up was generally either a result of professional indifference or waaay too much work in a day. Personally, I thought it was more indifference... but that would reflect my professional priorities and may not actually reflect the "truth".