pasadena city college vs. mount saint mary's college

  1. i'm worried about msmc because their passing rate for the ADN program was 66% last year and on top of that, the program is a private school so it's very expensive. i want to know why this school is so expensive if it doesnt have a high passing rate?

    on the other hand, pcc is a cheaper school and has a 80-90% passing rate.
    is there any special reason for this?

    are there any other things i should take into consideration when deciding which school to go to, aside from location?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Don't understand the poor passing rate for MSMC, as I have always heard that the school had an excellent reputation. In view of the basic info that you provided in your post, unless you find out something otherwise, if it were me I would attend Pasadena just to save money. I assume you are aware that MSMC has some alternative programs, such as a weeknd and evening program and a program for advanced placement for LVNs who pass certain tests. Try to find out some more about the learning atmospheres at each of the schools, for one thing where are clinicals held, and try to talk to some current nursing students and see what they have to say about their program. But, like I said, based on money, if accepted, I would go to the more reasonably priced school. Good luck with your decision.
  4. by   Nightcrawler
    Mount Saint Mary's is a private school, and that is why they are so expensive. The passing rate that you mention, is this for their ADN or BSN program? Mount Saint Mary's has both programs, and I believe that their passing rates are listed separately for each educational track.

    One thing that you may want to consider is that MSM is only program in the area other than Cal State LA where you can go straight through and get your BSN. All of the other BSN programs in the LA area are continuation programs where you have to have your ADN first, so your final educational goal may be something to think about if the cost isn't too much of an issue. The other consideration may be what program you get accepted to. Competition for slots in nursing programs has gotten absolutely insane.

    Pasadena City College is a good school, the passing rates there certainly show that you can get a perfectly fine education at a public community college. I graduated from GCC, and under all of the rivalry, I always felt that the programs were pretty comparable.
  5. by   imenid37
    Mount St. Mary's College - ADN 66.32%
    Mount St. Mary's College - BSN 89.34%

    Pasadena City College 94.06%

    Info. from:

    BSN pass rate is okay. ADN is quite poor for MSMC.
  6. by   froggy929
    If you look at the most recent NCLEX scores on the BRN website you will note that MSMC ADN Program went from 66% to 80%; an amazing recovery. The Program has a new Director and the College has a new Nursing Dean and those kinds of changes make a difference. I wouldn't write-off MSMC just yet!