Parkinson med/ no dx

  1. what would be the effects of a parkinsons med given to a non parkinsons patient?
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  3. by   CoffeeRTC
    could they be using the med for something else? What was the med?
  4. by   MadisonsMomRN
    There are quite a few parkinsons meds out there. Sure they use some meds for other things.

    What med was it?
  5. by   fusster
    they use parkinson's drugs for patients on antipsychotics to reduce the extrapyramidal side effects. dont know how common it is, though, because these side effects usually mean their dose it too high or they need to be switched to a different drug, usually an atypical antipsychotic. ive never seen it on the psych unit i did my clinical on or any psych patient in med surg either.
  6. by   joyflnoyz
    Quote from michelle126
    could they be using the med for something else? What was the med?

    It was Mirapex...he came with the discharge orders from the hospital; don't think he was on it when he left our facility. Couple of days later he was sent back to the hosp with COC. We've tried to find out HOW he was put on Mirapex; hospital says they do not have the papers that accompanied he (MARS, Transfer sheet etc) in his chart. Hosp says MARS were faxed over; we NEVER fax that stuff to a hosp-- it goes with them and the EMTS
  7. by   CV_LVN
    I know someone that took parkinson's drugs for management of a benign petuitary tumor. supposidly side effects are similar to those of people with parkinsons, not too sure though.