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    Laos update, how not to get people to cooperate:

    Tibet, bird flu contained for now:
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    I cried when I read this, I so wanted this young girl to make it,
    but she did not. Her mother sent her to Thailand to give her the
    best chance of survival. She was only 15 years old.
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    H5N1 and cats in Indonesia, a long overdue study will finally take place
    assisted by veterinary scientists from Erasmus in the Netherlands:
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    Roche Pharmaceuticals is distributing Tamiflu to its own employees.
    Interesting marketing ploy or what?
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    Laos, avian flu continues to spread:

    Vietnam, residents of some Hanoi areas, ordered to wear masks if they leave their homes:

    South Korea, suspected human case, and they are still battling outbreaks:
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    How terribly sad, this is. She was her mother's only child.

    I know that there are many children dying across the globe from a multitude of reasons. I will mourn this one because I know something about her.
    Her name was Namfon.
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    Roche has applied to FDA to create child-sized doses of Tamiflu for
    treatment of seasonal influenzas and for pandemic stockpiling:
    Makes sense to me.
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    Laos, avian flu continuing to spread south:

    Vietnam is taking very stringent measures. They have had lots of confrontations with this disease. It seems that it will be a continual struggle as it keeps reoccurring in these countries. That makes sense actually. The wild birds will always be migrating in and out, carrying it with them.

    But, notice the difference between how the Vietnamese handle isolating the disease, and how the British did this recently. Who is taking this more seriously? The country that has had the highest human death toll, or the country that has had no human cases yet? There is something to be said for learning from the experience of others.

    "No poultry and poultry products are allowed to be transported in or out of the area," local veterinarian Do Van Thanh told AFP. "Local residents must wear masks if they come out of their houses."

    Contrast this with the Brits allowing Bernard Matthews to transport turkey products from Hungary right thru the quarantine zone so as not to upset their trading parnters. Go figure. Who is more serious about protecting the public health?

    At any rate, the wild birds continue to migrate around the world. That's just how it is. We have to be realistic about dealing with this disease because it is not going away.

    North Americans should be aware that H5N1 is already here in a low pathogenic form, and very possibly in the highly pathogenic form also.
    Remember, in the rest of the world, the highly pathogenic form has always been found prior to the low pathogenic form. I have to ask, why is this continent the exception to that reporting experience?
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    Very informative thread, indigo girl. Thank you for taking the time to educate us all about this very real threat to civilization as we know it.
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    Quote from VickyRN
    Very informative thread, indigo girl. Thank you for taking the time to educate us all about this very real threat to civilization as we know it.
    My pleasure, VickyRN. I have an interest, and saw the need.
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    Another little 4 year old kid was diagnosed with avian flu in Egypt today.
    I am hopeful that this boy will be OK since the last two little ones survived and went home.
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    The Significance of Clusters of H5N1 Cases

    What is meant by a cluster in cases of a disease, and why is it important?

    Here are some posts from that attempt to explain the current concern. I am open to their interpretation of what all of this means. I am not sure that they are correct, but they certainly might be.

    A2H means animal to human transmission. H2H means human to human.

    The Ro number -the basic reproductive number, Ro, which is the average number of secondary cases generated when an index case enters a totally susceptible population. When Ro is greater than one, the disease will spread out in the population, and there will be an epidemic. When Ro is less than one, the disease will die out.

    The World Health Organization ranks our level of pandemic threat at
    stage 3.

    Clusters from 2007 such as the Egyptian or the Nigerian cases were not included.
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    When politics gets in the way of public health, does it do any good to protest?
    Governments have been known to sacrifice public safety in the interests of economic or other gains. It is an old, tired story that keeps on happening.
    It is important to notice what governments say, and what they actually do
    to protect people.

    China went to considerable trouble to get their candidate,
    Margaret Chan elected as Director General of the WHO. Taiwan is asking for a place at the table to protect their populace. It is not likely that they will get it.
    (hat tip/fluwiki)