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    Why 2%? That is so out of line with what is happening. I just do not
    understand this kind of reasoning.

    It is true that there is currently a mild strain, we think, infecting mostly children in Egypt, but the older victims though still under age 40 had a much more virulent course. In Indonesia, the mortality rate is over 70%.
    There is no way to predict which strain may become more transmissible if one does indeed develop that capability.

    I sometimes think that even govt and public health just can not face the real numbers. But, we must. We have to look at this, and consider it in order to develop realistic planning for it. Obviously, no one wants to envision a worst case scenario, but to not make contingency plans for a higher CFR is irresponsible, unless of course they think that such a situation would be hopeless. I refuse to think that because I believe that there is always something that we could do to save more people if only by teaching them to be more self reliant.
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    Here's another Egyptian kid, 2 years old hopefully diagnosed with the mild strain:
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    A Health Ministry spokesman identified the girl as Fatmah Farouk Abdel-Gawwad from central Egypt, MENA reported. She was admitted to hospital on Wednesday, suffering from high fever and was being treated by Tamiflu, the agency said.
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    13 year old Cambodian girl has died of avian flu:

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    The girl died at noon on April 5 and her blood samples were tested positive for the disease, according to a joint statement issued by the ministry and the World Health Organization (WHO).
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    The 15 year old girl that we heard about yesterday has become the 73rd avian influenza casualty with multi organ failure, again as the direct cause of death:

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    The 15-year-old girl was admitted to the Sulianti Saroso Hospital for Infectious Diseases on Monday and died late Thursday, said Sardikin Giriputro, a doctor at the facility."By the time she arrived, it was too late," he said. "She died after experiencing multi-organ failure."
    A very good commentary on this from croftsblogs that expresses my feelings exactly.
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    Cambodian media reporting continued struggle with avian flu:
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    The Egyptians are reporting their 34th case of avian flu in a 15 year old girl:
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    Nature reports avian flu:

    From there you can access an animated Google Earth link showing avian flu
    cases in animals and humans updated to March 2007:
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    Bangladesh where H5N1 is still spreading:

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    He said hundreds of veterinary and health officials had been mobilised and the movement of chickens had been banned outside a 10 sq km (3.9 sq miles) area around the affected farms to check the spread of the avian flu.

    Some 75,000 chickens have been culled so far from 27 farms since the outbreak was confirmed last month.

    More than 500 workers at the infected farms have been given a local version of the Tamiflu anti-viral drug as a precaution, Health Ministry officials said.
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    Indonesia's 74th victim of bird flu, a 29 year old man has died. Indonesia has now managed to surpass Vietnam, as the country with the highest number of admitted fatalities due to H5N1:

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    The 29-year-old man was the 94th person infected by the disease in Indonesia, the country worst hit by the virus. He died on Thursday in Solo, about 500km from the capital Jakarta.

    The government had hoped to eradicate bird flu deaths this year, but instead at least 16 people have perished after contracting the virus.

    People who contract the disease in Indonesia are very likely to die, as its bird flu fatality rate is nearly 79 percent.
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    Animated MSNBC map showing spread of avian flu in birds, other animals, and humans.
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    Pakistan reporting new areas of H5N1 outbreaks:
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    KARACHI, April 9 (Reuters) - Pakistan reported new bird flu cases on Monday in commercial poultry farms in the southern province of Sindh and in North West Frontier Province, a government official said.
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    Council on Foreign Relations Live Webcast - Is Bird Flu Pandemic a Threat?
    12 Apr 2007, 6 to 7 PM:
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    Hindsight Can Be Very Expensive - Avian Flu Diary

    An essay on the Florida state legislature decision of whether or not to purchase Tamiflu for the state's pandemic stockpile. It is very hard to believe that they could decide against this. History will judge them very harshly indeed should a category 5 event occur. That is not something that I would want on my conscience.
    I wonder, will they ask the good people of the state of Florida or will they just take it on themselves to make this kind of decision? Have they done any research?

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    In the coming weeks the Florida Legislature must decide whether to allocate funds for the purchase of Tamiflu for use in the event of an influenza pandemic. Most states around the country have opted in to a federally subsidized program that allows them to buy this potentially lifesaving drug at nearly 1/10th the retail cost.

    Amazingly, it’s looking like Florida will not follow suit.

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    If state and federal officials are right, the next influenza pandemic could kill 128,000 people in Florida and send 640,000 to hospitals.

    Despite that, Florida is the only state in the country considering taking a pass on federal help to get ready.

    Last week the federal government sent a letter to Florida's Office of Public Health Emergency Preparedness, warning it faced a Friday deadline to purchase $36.7-million worth of discounted antiviral drugs to develop a state stockpile.

    Gov. Charlie Crist has put that money in his Department of Health budget request and considers it essential, said Health Department spokeswoman Wendy Riemann.

    But the chairman of the House committee in charge of that budget said the five-year shelf life of the drugs leaves him skeptical. "It just doesn't rank as one of my priorities," Rep. Aaron Bean, R-Fernandina Beach said last week.
    (hat tip flutrackers/florida1)
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