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How much of your nursing training was/is devoted to palliative care and symptom control? Please comment on whether you think this was enough.... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    I think being a Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner would be a very rewarding field...I've been glad to see the specialty develop too.

    I agree totally, Molly, and have been known to get into it with docs who want to do every ******* line and procedure known to man on patients that don't want many just want to be kept comfortable....and go home to die if possible...and they don't know they can refuse the doctors orders......this is when we have to stand tough and be patient advocates, even if we pizz off the doc. (and I frequently do...hehe!):roll
  2. by   adrienurse
    Man, I'm really glad that the idea is catching on in my city. I used to have to argue so much with docters in order to advocate for my patients, in my last job. I worked with so many dinosaurs I was always teaching teaching teaching. Never got in trouble, but was always afraid that I was going to when I was saying to doctors "That's okay...but what about prescribing this medication _________". People are so damn afraid of prescribing more than 5 mg of morphine. Also like that we now start SC lines so that the person doesn't need to be poked over and over again once they're no longer swallowing.