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Help, I am at risk of being out of the nursing program because I am a smoker. I really could use some advise on how to deal with a very unfair instructor. I am a first year PN student and we... Read More

  1. by   lashes
    I always felt like I was being treated like I was in high school when I was getting my BSN; you should be able to smoke if you want to. Perhaps smoking during the clinicals is pushing it and can be considered unprofessional if your school has a policy against it however, being told to refrain from smoking while on the way to school or afterwards-- not cool.. Unprofessional of your instructor to threaten to kick you out. I smoke and I can understand pt's not wanting a " smoky" nurse but, I make sure I don't smell like it and have never had anyone say that I do.. It's a free country. Hang in there.
  2. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from misstaz25
    I had to leave town at 5:30 meaning I had to be up by 4am to shuffle kids around.

    People please I have admitted I mess up. Please quit throwing it in my face and focus on the issues at hand.
    Your childcare issues are not the school's problem. And you've taken the focus off the "real" issues by making very personal comments about the instructor.
  3. by   PANurseRN1
    Quote from misstaz25
    In case you missed the sentence before I said I don't ridicule overweight people. Many people do even if they dont say it, it is in the way they are looked at or treated. People can be very mean. I think it is ironic that someone clearly overweight can harp about the effects of smoking on a smoker and not expect someone to say something about weight and health. But than maybe that is why an overweight nonsmoker would pick on a smoker, its something they have got their whole life and its an issue they can throw in someone else's face.
    The second you said "fatty," you did.
  4. by   mamason
    Quote from morte
    this post, amongst many, make it obvious that MANY persons ARE NOT reading the whole OP... ......remember, in nursing, we need to take ALL the facts....and form an opinion/dx/plan.....ALLLLL of the facts.....this student has accepted her punishment....even had the sense to write a letter to vent her feelings and then throw it away.....she has been bullied, plan and simple.....is this why we are gettng new nurses who CANT accept responsiblity for errors, because they have been brow beaten by a........ like this one instructor? so that they cant ever be wrong?...and some one in this thread made an observation that i had earlier....and hardily agree with, this instructor needs psychiatric attention.....
    PLEASE, if you are not going to READ the whole presentation, dont bother answering......
    I've followed this thread from the beginning. My point is....this instructor, wether right or wrong, explained her expectations for clinicals. And the OP chose not to follow them. That's why she is in the position that she is in. And since when do "YOU" dictate on who can answer a thread and who can not? I don't see "moderator" by your name. Or am I not READING the whole presentation here?
  5. by   melissahunter2
    welcom to nursing school!
  6. by   mamason
    Quote from lorster
    Well Mstazz, mamason has risin in the ranks because she chooses to stand in line. You however will get nowhere in this profession because you abuse your rights as a citizen to question authority. See where this is going?
    I'm not a push over if that's what you meant by this post. Far from it. I choose to pick my battles.And if it's "my "screw up" then I am prepared to to take the consequences for my actions. As far as the OP, the consequences suck, but, she was aware of them from the beginning. And that is the issue here. She doesn't like the consequences. So what if she has to write papers. Big deal, most of us did that in school. I especially did more than the rest because I was so outspoken. Nursing school is just one step to becoming a nurse. Why on earth would a person set themselves up to be made miserable over a smoking incident by threatening to go over her head, sue, whatever.....True we do have rights as a citizen and by all means should abuse them especially if we screw up and don't want to be responsible for our actions.
  7. by   NRSKarenRN
    Giving this thread cool down time.
  8. by   CaLLaCoDe
    A personal habit, even an unhealthy one at that should not come between a nursing instructor and a future nurse's future...It's discriminatation at its worse!

    If all nurses who smoked were barred from practicing, my what a shortage we'd have on our hands!!!

    PS...Just taking the torch to this hot topic WOHAAAAHAAA!!!!!
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  9. by   TrudyRN
    1. Read the school's rules and be sure the Instructor is not backed up by them.

    2. Get a lawyer and sue the living daylights out of her. You might have to give her and her employer a chance to correct the matter before you can sue. See what the lawyers you consult have to say.

    3. Is she obese? If so, she is really one to talk and needs to have pointed out to her that she is really mentally ill, not to mention hypocritical.

    4. While I also think it is nasty for sick people to have to endure odors (cigarette smoke, fragrances in perfumes, colognes, hair care products, nail care products, fabric softener and detergent, makeup, deodorant, so-called air fresheners, and any other stinking messes that are part of our lives and which some people find totally, literally sickening), I disagree that your instructor has the right to enforce rules that are not school rules. I do think you should get in the habit of not subjecting your patients and co-workers to various types of avoidable stink but have a problem with they way your instructor is going about this.
  10. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from jimthorp
    Yep, had to wear a uniform, do a pee test, criminal background check, and child abuse background check.
    The point is, Jim< that you say that nursing students should not be held to different/stricter standards than other students. But as noted by your response, it obvious that they DO get held to higher standards. I doubt if the liberal arts students have a pee test, get a background check, etc.

    Nursing IS held to a higher standard.
  11. by   imenid37
    I quit smoking. I think you should too. I do agree w/ you that the instructor can't go on a no-smoking crusade which goes way above and beyond the rules of the school and hospital. This sounds like middle or high school. You are learning to be a nurse and be responsible for people's lives and this woman is going to tell your mother you are smoking. That is RIDICULOUS. Tell the dean. I hate smoking, but this is totally inappropriate for this instructor to be a maverick and to set up these special rules.
  12. by   Faeriewand
    I will tell you how it is at my school so you can compare.

    At my school no one is allowed to smoke on campus including the teachers. Smokers walk to one of two spots just off campus to smoke. (not a short walk) They are not allowed to smell of smoke either. They are told to use breath mints, change their sweater or something. I have several friends/classmates that I didn't even know smoked off campus becuase they NEVER smell of smoke. They said they are very careful. They stand where the wind takes the smoke away and doesn't blow the smoke back onto them or in their hair. They also use very strong mints. One friend changes her sweater.

    Smokers are told to not smoke before clinical because they will smell of smoke and that bothers the patients. They are told not to smoke in their car on the way to clinical because they will reek of smoke. No one is allowed to smoke during clinical. They will be tossed out if they do! I don't know if they are asked to leave just for the day or what but everyone was warned. People in my class wait until after clinical to smoke.

    At my school the clinical instructors are supported over the students. When a clinical instructor threw a student out she went to the principal who had previously said that the student could miss a couple of days. The principal supported the clinical instructor who said that the student missed too many days. She is out of school.

    I personally think the instructor was a little harsh. When you butt heads with people most will just want to butt back and not work with you. I probably would have talked really sweet and pointed out that I did not lie but couldn't I just write about smoking. Just something like that.

    I hope everything works out for you. Good luck.
  13. by   Faeriewand
    This is the way it is with my school too. No smoking in uniform no matter what. Also, while at school no one is allowed to smoke in the parking lot or in their car. We are referred to our Student Handbook. No perfumes or any strong odors on the students either.

    The hospitals here do not allow smoking on the premesis. They do offer programs to help employees to quit.
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