Out of curiousity

  1. Not to start a big flame fest here....but I am just curious about why anyone would want to post on these boards if they are not a nurse or a nursing student. It would be like a nurse going and posting on a physician board...just because she knows some doctors and works in a hospital. I know many paramedics, but I would not think about going and joining a board for paramedics. I know that everyone has a right to post opinions, etc. anywhere they please, but for the life of me I can't figure out why someone would want to be here if they weren't a nurse or student nurse.
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  3. by   Stargazer
    Do nurses have groupies? Maybe they're groupies.
  4. by   135ctv
    I read these threads because I work directly with and for nurses both in hopital and LTC environments. I think that I will be more effective if I have an understanding of what nurses go through on a day-to-day basis and the issues that affect them. I've learned a lot from these threads.

    I do post to threads that are not specifically nursing topics. I especially post to threads regarding unlicensed assistive personnel which is what I am. Some of the issues discussed occur in other fields besides nursing. If I feel that I have some knowledge, experience or observation regarding those issues, I will post to those threads. I don't try to pass myself off as a nurse.

    I do not post to any threads which discuss nursing procedures or require a given amount of medical knowledge. I do believe it would be innapropriate of me to comment on those threads.
  5. by   Marianne518
    That's what I was thinking! LOL
  6. by   Cindy_A
    Maybe they're people who are curious about the nursing profession, or people who are considering going into nursing, and just like to read what we have to say.
  7. by   ljgeb
    I've never actually posted before but have been lurking here since I decided to go into Nursing. I'm doing Pre-Reqs right now and love read what is going on with all of you.
  8. by   mario_ragucci
    I presented this last month, after about a dozen people here PM'ed me and growled at my thoughts as being "not qualified" and "lacking real experience." I love this board, and am a nursing student. I have competed ALL my prereq's and then some. I am a licensed CNA in the State of Oregon. I am a loving person and will be a RN in 2004. I was gonna respectfully bow out of this board, but enough nice people told me to stick around.
    It's common for people to resist change, and make attempts at limiting it.
    I consider this an invaluable resource as a student...to actually polish my potential co-worker skills on-line.
  9. by   thisnurse
    mario will you be my groupie?
  10. by   Mel3K
    I'm here...

    ...because I was considering nursing as a career, because my daughter is interested in becoming a nurse, and because I've noticed some threads discussing the image of the nursing profession, or what the general public thinks. Since I AM the general public (or at least a member of said group), it's something I feel qualified to have an opinion about.

    Not that I HAVE posted on any of those threads (this is my first and maybe my only) post, but I'd at least feel that I could.

    Oh, and I chatted here one night too. Met some nice people!

  11. by   betts
    Whats the big deal here? Didn't we as students or while considering nursing ask questions or read all that we could?
    I have nothing to hide and if anything I post helps even one person then thats a plus not a minus.
  12. by   Marianne518
    As I stated in my original post......this was not to start a flame fest...it was a QUESTION as to why anyone would want to be here if they were not students or nurses. We are all free to read/post anywhere our little hearts desire......I was just curious about some of the reasons people would be here if they were not nurses/students.
  13. by   SICU Queen
    I like the groupie idea... and Mario can be my groupie anytime. He obviously has a nice digital camera.
  14. by   dawngloves
    Coming out of the closet as.....
    A Mario Groupie!!! :imbar
    I stalk his post just to see the newest picture of him! :roll