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Ya know I've kinda always been known as a nice polite respectful young thing , go with the flow kinda gal but something that was said to me a little while ago really rubbed me the wrong way. We were... Read More

  1. by   ChemoRN
    Dont' forget Bone Marrow!!

    Save a life with just some discomfort in the hip region and 23 hours in a hospital. You even get cool drugs and a nice nap, all billed directly to someone elses insurance! Where can you get a better deal?
  2. by   Anaclaire
    thanks chemorn for reminding us about the bone marrow donation!! we don't have to die to give of our bone marrow and we can live on knowing what a wonderful thing we've done when we are able to match with someone in need! :d

    i had a cousin who died of breast cancer while she was in the preparation period for a bone marrow transplant. she left 3 beautiful children (2, 5 & 7 years old) and a loving husband who all miss her terribly. our entire family still feels the loss after 7 years.

    on a lighter note, i've told everyone who knows me that if they don't donate my organs (if anyone can use them) that i'm definately going to haunt them for the rest of their lives!!! i'll rattle chains and make creepy sounds every night to remind them that they didn't respect my wishes!
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  3. by   Worthy
    My dearly loved grandad - who was my best friend in the whole world - died suddenly of a massive heart attack when I was 14. His corneas were donated and while I don't remember if any other organs were taken (he was in his sixties) I remember my mom getting a letter from the Canadian Institute for the Blind thanking her for the donation and that because of his "gift, two people can see". My mom cried for days..what a lovely legacy to leave.

    Ten years later my boyfriends parents (who were Jehovah's Witnesses) told me my Grandad was going to hell for that. I was so ANGRY. My rage is still there, to this day.

    I dumped the boyfriend.
  4. by   shannonRN
    Originally posted by hapeewendy
    We were discussing organ donation at work , and I was talking about how I think its crazy for organs to go to waste and a little about how its terrible that so many people die while waiting on a the transplant list etc etc when someone suggested that organ donation seemed to be a political cause of mine and that I should respect the fact that some people just find it apphaling to donate a loved ones organs and that a person should be "buried whole and complete".
    i think that it is amazing that people expect you to respect their views and opinions while they blatanly show no respect for yours.
  5. by   dcc43210
    I also have the little red heart on my drivers license. I am a very strong supporter of organ donation and cannot understand why anyone would object to it. But, while I don't understand, I do respect the opinions of those who feel differently. Having said that, have you ever noticed that, while some folks want to enter the afterlife with all their organs, if THEY require an organ transplant to stay in THIS life a little while longer, they suddenly change their tune. Sending someone else to the afterlife without a heart or minus a kidney doesn't seem to concern them too much.

    I have kind of a radical solution. Please tell me what you think. Form a registry for organ donors. In order to get on the registry, you must sign a legal document donating your organs, and the approval of your loved one's is not required. Once signed up, you're good to go. is the radical part. ONLY registered organ donors are eligible to recieve organ transplants. If you "don't believe in organ donation," that is certainly your right. We will do everything we can to make you comfortable during your transition to the afterlife. But don't expect to recieve an organ if you weren't willing to donate one.

    Whenever I have presented this idea to others, I have gotten reactions that range from "That makes so much sense" to "What are you, some kind of monster?" I'd be very interested in what you folks think.
  6. by   micro
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by sunnygirl272
    ok..i think i have asked this question on this board before....
    i am not allowed to donate blood...because i have IBD..(inflammoatory bowel disease, not to be confused with IBS, irritable bowel syndrome) anyway...the rationale being that they don't know conclusively what causes IBD...many possibilities, many theories...soooo...would this bear on my ability to be organ donor?
    always have other more important things to discuss with my gastroenterologist when i am at my 6month followups..

    I also cannot usually give blood, because I am almost always just shy of enough iron for their requirements....but it doesn't mean that I cannot keep on trying to give
    know i am not the endall on this subject, but do know i am an organ donor, etc..........
    once i am gone from this body, i do not need any of it anymore, but life goes on.....
    and if not for an actual donation of an organ such as a liver, etc.....
    there is always skin and tissue for grafts, etc.
    and then there is always the option of donating your body for scientific research.......
    or even for nursing/medical students to use in their education...................

    there is always a use for what we have...........
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  7. by   cbs3143
    I am also a registered organ donor (if they are still any good when I'm done with them ) In my state, the words Organ Donor are in the right lower corner of everyone's license, and the letter Y or N indicates the persons prefrerence. I agree that the deceased has no further use for them, and "Heaven knows they are needed here."

    Wendy, I am so sorry that your sweet aunt Rena passed away despite the organ transplant. I had an aunt Renah also, only with a h at the end of her name. I don't know why your co-workers felt that you had to have an agena because you feel so strongly about organ donations. It is an invaluable program that saves lives and improves the quality of life of people everyday. Some people are negative about almost any topic or look for agendas even when there aren't any.

    I hope that your holiday was pleasant and restful. I also hope that you were able to find some time to think about your work options and your direction in nursing. I know that you were feeling stressed before your holiday. As my old military unit motto stated "Keep Up The Fire!"

  8. by   BadBird

    How lucky you were to have such a wonderful woman to turn to, some people never have that. I am so sorry for your loss, both of my parents are gone now and I think about them every day. Of course it is personal for you and why shouldn't it be. Some people just have to say something rotten because they don't know the pure unconditional love and trust that you and your Aunt had. At least you have good memories to hold dear to you, what does that mean nurse have? Probably nothing.