Ooooooh!!!! My Aching Back!!!!

  1. I have not slept well for about a week straight because my back is freakin' KILLING me.

    I have sciatica and mild degenerative disc disease, so I'm totally used to having back pain, but for the past week, I swear it's like someone is STABBING me in the lumbar/left shoulder blade region. A sciatica flare up would be WELCOMED in exchange from this.

    Tried NSAIDS round the clock, but cut myself yesterday and BLED LIKE A STUCK PIG, so I quit that. I have done stretches, gotten a massage, used my hand-held massager, sat in my jacuzzi tub, even had my sweet husband SIT on my back and just lean into it (if only he could stay like that all day...). I am MISERABLE. I have decided I am going to try a chiropractor...

    Have any of you ever used one, and did it help to get an adjustment? I've never been. I'm getting another massage tomorrow too...

    The only reason I'm up right now is because the PAIN is preventing me from sleeping.

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  3. by   nursejws
    Shay, I see a chiropractor twice a week due to a mva in January. I always feel much better after I get adjusted. My chiropractor is very cool and listens to what I have to say. I usually get my neck and back popped, then some heat stimulation, and traction.

    If you can find a chiropractor in your area with the heat stimulation, do it. It totally loosens up that area. I'm not sure if you would benefit from traction - I love this. I lay on my back and this machine rolls up to work out the kinks.

    Being that I am overweight, the therapy seems...what's the word I'm looking for?!?!?!?! Useless?

    I see my chiro tomorrow at 11am and I can't wait because my back is killing me right now. Of course, the two chiro's are great eye candy too. :roll

  4. by   sasseynurse
    I can sympathize because I had sciatica pain down my leg and surgery (microdiscectomy) was the correction. That was back in 1991 and when I had recurrent pain, a chiopractor offered therapy with better results than the other methods I sought.

    Chiopractic care does narrow the problem to alignment and "hot spots". I chose to continue for a time until I began to feel better.

    The methods to correct and pinpoint the nerves that are causing the pain are a bit unusual, but can manage pain effectively. Try and see if this will work for you.

    Ask for referrals from anyone suffering from neuro-muscular back pain and investigate. What do you have to loose at this stage of the game?

    My heart goes out to you. When you do find out what works-stick with it.

    Good luck!
  5. by   headin'there

    I don't know where I'd be without my chiro (I've been a little honked up ever since we were rear ended by a drunk driver four or so years ago). He has helped my older kids (15 & 13) to get rid of muscle pain, too. Just to let you know, sometimes the situation might get a little worse on it's way to getting better so don't get discouraged if this happens at first.

    Chiro's tend to have a little bit of a difference in the way they treat patients so if you don't like the first one then try another. I think it will be very worth your time and money to find one you are comfortable with and stick with him/her.

    Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!!
  6. by   grnvillechick
    Oh My I could go on and on about Chiro men...they advocate a total holistic approach..which will really appeal to the nurse in you...they are very good at diagnosing...and they explain everything unitl you completely understand...I broke my neck in a MVA...had surgery..and was told no more critical lifting bending pulling, pushing--like no nurse after a year ...i went to a first adjustment it felt like a elephant got off my is now 7 years later, I have fully resumed life...and am a happy overstressed,overworked and underpaid CCU nurse..haha...
    a few things to keep in very sure they are certified and real...log onto your state chiro assn web site...finding one that is certified in Neuro or Orthopedic is a real bonus..I lucked out and found one certified in both( a feat as there were 17 in the country at the time!)...this cert means they have logged in serious hours of extra study and are well versed in all things Neuro or Ortho more so than your average one...andother thing is to find out What KIND they are...there are the Palmer Method ones...a little to the left for me...and the ones who graduated from Life Chiro College in Ga...I have liked everyone of them. Also keep in mind for the first few times--and it will be 3-5 a week at the start--you are adjusted you will be sore...but ice down like they tell you...demand electro-stim AFTER your adjustment...and keep your really will work but you have to committ...visit several offices..and chose one you feel comfortable with. NO chiro should adjust you with out a full neiro examine and films. if they try to do so...walk out. If you have diabetes or any vascular impairment , tell them up front as this will alter the way they adjust. Each office should have a table in three section(they adjust you on this) , a electro-stim machine( a really large tens like unit), and alot of posters..hahahaha... I really wish you well in your journey..this appraoch will totally change your way of thinking as a sure did for me...!!!:roll
  7. by   fedupnurse
    Make sure the Chiro x-rays you prior to any manipulation. Have you thought about getting an inversion table. Back stores, QVC and HSN sell them. I have one and swear by it. It actually decreases the need for adjustments by the doc wich will save you money in the long run. Run about 200 to 300 bucks.
    Hope you feel better!
  8. by   Sleepyeyes
    I had a hellish weekend and then got an early appt with the nearest chiro, and boy did I luck out! this guy was a gem; x-rays showed an old whiplash injury (i didn't know i had) had misaligned my thoracic vertebae and eventually the stress of heavy lifting caused L3-L5 to be so severely misaligned that 4-5 looked like they were at right angles to each other. OOOOOWWWIE. He had me adjusted and back to work in 4 days.

    I continued to go to him even though I didn't have insurance, for another couple of months--but I also continued to be able to work my CNA job. And I have only required a few adjustments and treatments since then, usually when I do a lot of heavy lifting.

    Sure beats the heck outta pain pills and muscle relaxers!
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    PS--Last visit to chiro was in 2000.
  10. by   CseMgr1
    I'm undergoing the same problem with my back. I was diagnosed with DDD in '95, and three weeks ago I woke up one morning and could barely walk. My PCP referred me back to my orthopedist, who diagnosed me with sciatica and ordered me out of work, until he gets the results of my MRI (tomorrow). I may have to receive epidural injections. Have any of you had these done? I'd like to hear about your experience, because, quite frankly I am SCARED of the THOUGHT of them!
  11. by   shay
    Csemgr, I can tell you about epidural injections, but not from personal experience. My hospital's pain clinic does a lot of them, and the patients seem really happy with the results.

    I do OB, so I have a looooooooot of experience w/epidural analgesia, and I CAN tell you it's not nearly as dangerous as you may think. The key is to keep your back rounded out and your SHOULDERS relaxed. Keeping your shoulders relaxed will allow easier needle insertion and help for a better block.

    I hope YOU feel better!! I have a deep tissue massage @ 1300 today. Unable to get in w/a chiro. Did lots of pilates last night, it helped somewhat.

    Still hoping to get my back cracked!! Thanks y'all.
  12. by   joyrochelle
    hello all---i am a new grad, but since i quit dancing as a college major, the anatomical mess that is my body has started to come unhitched...( my right leg is 1 inch longer and thus the snowball effect goes right through my tilted pelvis and up and up!)
    I was having pretty bad back pain, and went to a D.O, who gave me a h*lluva adjustment, and stressed exercise first and foremost. Pilates is the key if you are into it...and it really does help to strengthen you in the most internal ways to keep you aligned and strong. there are videos to purchase, tons actually, but if you can find a class to help you become acquainted with the exercises it's even better! it helps to have someone look at what you are doing to acquaint you with your body!
    my 2 of luck to you!
  13. by   shay
    Originally posted by joyrochelle
    Pilates is the key if you are into it...
    Yes, you are right. I also did pilates last night, and I must lower back isn't nearly as bad this a.m., but my shoulder is WORSE. ?????

    I have the 'Pilates for Dummies' DVD. It's pretty darned good.
  14. by   nursemicke
    Took my husband in to an emergency walk in clinic with severe back pain. They gave him demerol. It did not work. They said for him to go to an ortho surgeon. He went to a chiropractor the next day and they fixed it. It was like a miracle. He was a holistic chiro. He went for several more visits to relieve the numbness in his fingers. Ask friends if they know a good chiro.