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Sigh... will they ever "get it"? Article in the Boston Herald dated 2/12/03-Inside Track. "Smock-Clad Sara Edwards nurses her role on ER" Keep an eye out for a cheeky blonde RN in a... Read More

  1. by   mattsmom81
    Generally I avoid anything medical on TV for the reasons described. Why torture myself...LOL!

    Watched a millionaire show with all nurse contestants....and the moderator spent his time cutting down the intelligence of the nurses, and making bad nurse jokes ie" Scarey, look what's taking care of you when you're sick"...yada yada.

    I was jogging on my treadmill hearing this so I used the anger to motivate a faster, meaner pace...hehe!
  2. by   JohnnyGage
    I dunno...

    I don't really mind when nurses are the butts of jokes. Lawyers, Doctors, Politicians ... just about every job class is at some point. I think, actually, that nurses tend to take it more personally than others.

    As for the "Weakest Link" reference... what would you expect?? The host insults everybody that appears, regardless of job. Nurses should be no exception.

    Sometimes I think we need to think about reality and improving nursing's image in the news media (and dramas like ER) rather than other, obviously humor-intended avenues.

    As for blondie's obviously clueless remarks. I might write to her just to clue her in, but I'm not going to lie awake about it.