omg omg!! Can I do it?

  1. Hello my friends in Allnurses Land!

    Just to let you guys and gals know, (if you haven't read my past posts) I'm in deep research into the field of nursing. You guys have helped me sooooooooooooo much in the past two weeks, all the encouraging words are so greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now I'm addicted to this website, and I haven't even been took the nursing test yet!

    Last night, I took a trip to Barnes and Nobles. I looked for whatever information I could find about the potential subjects I would need to learn.

    WHOAAAAAA MAMA!!!!!!!!!
    omg omg omg omg omg!!!!! Not only did I find that I would need....Anatomy, Microbiology, Physiology, Chemisty, Algebra, etc. but I also thumbed through the books to find 10, 15, 20, 25 letters words...that made me feel illiterate if I tried to pronouce

    How in the world do that teach you all this stuff? Should I be in the library everynight before I even start taking the pre-reqs?
    Should I have a medical dictionary in my purse to reference every two hours? Should I have a memory of a big old fat ugly gray elephant?
    omg omg omg omg!!!! Helpppppp!!!!!

    I haven't been to to highschool since '93.
    "what's a atom? what's a neutron? what's the formula for water? what color is your blood? what is 2 +2? what's a noun"
    omg omg omg omg omg omg omg
    Am I losing my memory?

    Yes, indeed, I prayed that same night for God to help me not be discouranged. Now, I'm looking for advice from my allnurses sisters and brothers. Help!!!!!!!

    What's a potential nurse, who's registered to take the Pre-nursing school test in january to do???
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  3. by   PediRN
    It certainly is nice of you to notice that we have a vast amount of knowledge.
  4. by   eltrip
    Take it one day at a time, that's what you do. At the beginning of every semester of nursing school, I would freak when I saw the sheer volume of papers, etc. required of me that semester. Then, I'd calm down & start breaking all things down into smaller, more manageable bits.

    You can do it.
  5. by   TootyFruity
    Knowledge is power!
  6. by   WashYaHands
    Speaking of elephants.....repeat this often when you're overwhelmed.

    How do you eat an elephant?

    One bite at a time.

    Your enthusiasm is a strength.

  7. by   SmilingBluEyes
    short answer: YES YOU CAN! now go DO IT!
  8. by   oramar
    Just keep two sets of goals in mind, long term and short term. The long term you push to back of your mind. The short term you break down in to bites you can handle. If you try to swallow whole thing at once you will gag. I doubt if rushing out and reading the entire medical library will help. You sound real sweet, I like you.
  9. by   micro
    Yes, you can. When I returned to school, I was about that 11 years out of high school, and I was just in the median age of my class.
    So short answer,
    stated again
    Yes, you can.
  10. by   susanmary
    One day at a time. Baby steps. Stay organized, keep on top of things, and focus on the big picture. You'll do fine.
  11. by   Lacey
    Tooty, The secret to doing a lot of big things in life is to make not doing it unthinkable! Go ahead and become obesessed with all things nursing. Also look at Springhouse's website for more books. Classes in Medical Terminology are sometimes available at community colleges for low tuition. This class will teach you the Latin roots for the medical language. Take the class and pretty soon you'll you be able to figure out what xanthoderma means! Your enthusiasm is a joy to read- Good Luck!
  12. by   rkymtnnurseygrl
    Throughout nursing school, the more stressful it was, the more I had to rely on the fact that the end begets the means. I could either stay unhappy where I was, or create a new life formyself, it was my choice. You can, and you will, succeed!
  13. by   boggle
    One piece of knowledge builds on another!

    At first you feel that you are memorizing a million seperate facts. Then one day, AH HA, you see relationships of one fact to others.
    It's all over then.....You become a nursing knowledge junkie.......always gotta find out more, asking "how come...?" all the time.

    Man, I love this profession!

    Best of luck to you TootyFruity .
  14. by   midwestRN
    I was a secretary, wife, and mom for 10 years before nursing school. I was SCARED. Thought I'd be the oldest. HA HA. Students are from 17 to 60. Study the assigned material as is comes. Keep up. I can't begin to say how happy I am that I started nursing school. Changed my life.