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I have heard many stories about the benefits of nursing and how many of them have achieved sign-on bonuses and even as far as where employers have paid off all student loan debt just to work for them... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Retention bonuses???

    what a CONCEPT. Funny how so few even bother. But then, why when there are new grads to hire at every turn----pay whose pay would be at the low end of the ladder???? Retention bonuses cost money and experienced nurses are actually discouraged from staying in some places, in order to SAVE money----why pay them what they are worth when you can hire cheaper labor in some way or another?
  2. by   MyReign1
    I graduate in May. I had two interviews in one day and was hired at both locations. I took the job with the lowest RN: Patient ratio. I will get a $7000 sign on bonus for a two year work commitment. I will receive the full check a couple weeks after I actually start working in June.
  3. by   stn2003
    Just what exactly is Ohio doing? I am a new grad (Dec) in OH and virtually all of my classmates had positions waiting for them the same month of graduation. I recieved a 2,000 sign on bonus (and only had to stay for six months) and they are going to pay for my continuing education up to 20,000. And not just for nursing- any hospital employee can get 10-20 thousand for pursuing continuing education. I get good benefits for myself and my family, paid BLS, ACLS and EKG classes, and tons of opportunities for free CEUs. Their 401k %match is good as well.

    Quote from HARRN2b
    I believe the day of the bonuses is coming to an end. Also, most likely, salaries will be coming down. See what Ohio is doing. Why do I think this. Look at other industries. If the powers that be think salary/benefits are too high they outsource to foreign countries. Right now, radiology is being outsourced (in some locales) to India. Every other industry is completely outsourcing. Here in the US, they are allowing and wanting immigration of foreign nurses. More and more work visa's will be given out. This will get rid of the shortage. It is a different way of outsourcing. I guess you could call it insourcing. I know I will get flamed for this. I don't care. It is the truth. It will drive down salaries, just like the other industries. Eventually, if powers get their way, nursing will pay 9-12 dollars an hour. They will still think that is too much. At that point, they will start to allow immigration from China. Watch and see. This is what they want. It will bring healthcare costs down (supposedly). Do the research.
  4. by   RN and Mommy
    I am graduating in May and have done some research in my area (Nebraska) and they are giving a $5000 sign on bonus for 2 years of employment for the night shift only. That's about as good as it gets here! I accepted a day position and will enjoy my sleep! I am not a night person!
  5. by   mysticalwaters1
    Quote from burn out
    where I work in West Virginia we have a $5000 sign on bonus for 1 year committment for RN's and at times I have received $300 bonus for working 1 extra 12 hour shift.
    OOH that's nice, better then when I was given a $10 gift certificate to the mall then asked to work another 8hours to make a double shift!! I kept the gift certificate and didn't do the double!
  6. by   Antikigirl
    I don't believe I will get any of them till the check is in my hand!!! That seems to be a very safe way to go!

    I haven't seen a sign on bonus ever pan out!!! SO I assume it will not occur and don't make that a part of my employement choice..in fact, it usually detours me because if they need nurses so bad they will do a sign on bonus...what is really going on...horrid place to work with high turn over????? Proably!

    I have tried to get rembersement for ACLS and other classes I have taken on my own dime to work at places that said they would...and it never panned out either! Again...I assume it will not happen, mark it as a tax write off...and tell myself...I am doing it for my career, that will best serve me and my patients if this company choses to let me go or what not! Best for me...heck with the hospital administration at that point!

    I even was guarenteed as preceptorship after 2 years working med/surge to the ER by one hospital. After 2 years they told me I was to do 4 years in med surge! I even had the 2 year part in writing and they said they changed the preceptorship program and I would not qualify anyway...their way of saying...so sad, too bad! So I left that facility to NEVER return again..not even as a patient in emergencies or any of my family! I heard through the grapevine that I was doing so well at another local hospital (I am agency now) that they want me...too bad, so sad, too bad right back at them!!!!!! And get this..they want me in ER!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!

    So I do things for me, not the money promised, because a promise can be broken...but doing things for me and the betterment of my career and my patients...well, will use my dime and time for that when I can! Makes me a better person to achieve that on my own anyway! (then I don't own anyone but myself!)....
  7. by   GooeyRN
    Quote from llg
    I work for a hospital in Virginia that has retention bonuses rather than sign-on bonuses. We've had them for about 5 years and have no plans to discontinue them. We think it is better to reward those who stay and contribute their ever-increasing expertise to our hospital than to give the cash to people who have yet to contribute.

    The bonuses start at $500 at the end of the first year and are then paid at milestones every 2 or 3 years on the nurse's anniversary. They increase each time up to a maximum of $10,000 at the 27th year and become yearly after that.

    That sounds great. I wish more places did that. It may cut down on turnover rates. It would also make staff feel valued.