Ok, so where are the cameras/microphone in my classes

  1. Since I've started school (in March) I've noticed something. We'll get a lecture, certain diseases/illnesses/treatments etc are mentioned and very soon, someone here posts a question about it. And/or I'll be watching a show, medical related, and they mention a certain thing and blamo! During lecture, soon after, we are told about the same thing.

    Just a few examples: Maple Syrup Urine Disease, amniotic embolism, VATER and DIC.

    I joke about cameras/microphones being in the classroom but its funny how it seems that Allnurses members will post ?'s about our lecture material.

    Its probably like when you get a new car, before you got the car, you never noticed any others like it. Once you have that car, it seems to be everywhere. You are more observant and LOOKING for it.
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  3. by   midcom
    I noticed that also. My theory is that we now actually kind of understand even the odd things & remember the names of the diseases. For instance, before nursing school, I never heard of DIC. Last week on House a man was dying due to it. I probably never would have even picked up on DIC if I hadn't learned of it in class.
    It's funny. That show has always fascinated me, despite their total lack of nurses, but I usually didn't understand most of what they were doing or talking about. Now, after just one year of nursing school, I can follow what they are doing & usually understand why.

  4. by   HeatherB,CST
    I have noticed the same thing. I think it is just because we are more aware. I remember when I was pregnant, it seemed like I would see pregnant women EVRYWHERE, now I don't notice them as much again.

    I am in biology class this semester, focusing on cells, and it seems I hear the words LIPID, AMINO ACID, DNA and RIBOSOME everywhere I turn lately! I think my brain just filtered those words out as "not too important" before.
  5. by   Jilaweez
    That happens to me too. We talked about maggot therapy in lecture, I hopped on allnurses and bamo, a question about maggot therapy. A few weeks ago there was a test question posted on here and sure enough, a very similar question was on my next exam...too bad no one could agree upon the answer.
  6. by   NewRN2008
    That is totally like hearing a word for the first time, and then BAMM!!!! you hear it like 4 more times in 2 days!

    That happens in school all the time. I think it is because i am more aware. I know we all listen to the other convo's at school and clinicals, but tune out what we dont know, or dont need to know.

    Thats funny, at least its not me thinking i am nuts!!