Ok Guys I Have Finally Taken My Boards

  1. Hi there everyone,
    Well I have finally sat them, I was so nervous, What does it mean when the computer shuts off at 85 questions, I felt like all the studying I had done was not at all helpful, I am having a few stiff drinks right now to drown my sorrows, I have to wait until I CAN CALL THE 900# on Friday, OR I CAN WAIT UNTIL MONDAY TO GO ONLINE AND CHECK........WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO, Thanks for all the support you guys have given me leading up to my exam, I will keep you all updated of my results either way.

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  3. by   BBnurse34
    85 questions must be a pass (or you are so lame that the computer gave up really early on you ) I think that the 900 number is well worth the money. That way you can celebrate this weekend!
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    jayne, i know you are glad you have finished the test and friday isn't long to wait on your results. keep the faith!
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Jayne sounds as if you did fine! I got the minimum 76 and FREAKED out, sure I had failed miserably! ( i passed). I would NOT worry. Enjoy the time NOT studying and I hope you did well. Let us know!
  6. by   meownsmile
    You probly did fine with 85. I got 75 or 76 and felt the same way. The 900 number is well worth it. Just be aware that some are not getting their results in 3 days from the 900 number. Two of my friends that took the test same day as I did couldnt get access to their results for almost a week. (3rd day to call was a teusday, they couldnt get access till that saturday, kept telling them their ATT number could not be found) They both passed. Try to relax and give yourself the benefit of the doubt, and try enjoy yourself while you wait.