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Hey all, Ok...so I interviewed for this telephone triage job yesterday and I'm really, really excited!!! It's at the same facility...just clinic versus hospital med/surg. Anyways....while I'm... Read More

  1. by   IloveSnoopy
    HI everyone,
    Thanks for your insightful advice. Yeah....the more I think about it...the more I personally do not feel it's right to take Vicodin at work. I feel so stuck between a rock and a hard place. I really want the new job but I'm very afraid of not having my new NM understand my situation. I do agree with what a previous poster said though....I do feel that I could give better advice "comfortable" and not in pain than in pain. That's why I've been taking vacation days during my "cramp time".....the pain is so bad that i literally cannot concentrate or think even. The job is four shifts a week so hopefully I wouldn't always be scheduled during times of pain...(wishful thinking I do have a fair amount of vacation (pto actually) time saved up and since I"m staying in house...all of it will transfer over. Maybe I'll just try to stick it out for awhile and then eventually maybe I could start requesting some pto time again. It is my pto time to use...right? I just happen to take one or two days at a time versus taking three weeks off in one crack. Actually...you would think that it would be better for them that I do it that way....that way they don't have to worry about covering a long amount of time at once...u know? Now this is all contingent (sp?) on me actually getting the job..lol..I haven't gotten it yet... :uhoh21:

    As far as those asking about what treatments,etc I've tried....I've tried everything....Lupron, continuous bcp's, and have had two surgeries. It just keeps coming back:uhoh21: We have been trying to conceive for awhile now too..which also isn't going very well. I also have pcos which gives me sort of a double whammy in that respect. Now...I certainly haven't said anything about me trying to get pregnant...eeek. I'm almost tempted to stop trying for awhile...if I did get pregnant right away after starting the new job...I would feel bad about that too. Gosh...I just wish I could be normal!!! This is just a very stressful time for me right now....and I guess I basically need to vent..so thanks for listening to me. I would also be very interested in starting a forum for nurses with chronic pain......I'm sure there are a lot of us out there!!!! Ok...I best go..thanks again...
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    ILoveSnoopy, since this thread has answered your question and that you have started a new thread regarding dealing with chronic pain (how do others cope with it?), may I close this thread?

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    Hi, IloveSnoopy

    The triage line I worked on was busy all the time with calls waiting to be answered with the exception of the night shift when there would bit a little bit of a lull during the middle of the night. It didn't last long because we took calls from all over the country so it is a different time zone in different places. I don't think they would be hiring people into telephone triage positions if there wasn't enough work for them. Also, unless your company is very, very behind the times, everything you will be telling callers and charting will be on the computer screen in front of you, or you will have some kind of written protocols right in front of you that you will be required to refer to. So, you will be busy looking up information to tell callers one way or another. I'm sure you will be busy during your shift if you get offered this job. So, you know yourself better than anyone if you should be taking any pain medication while you are at work. You also have the option to take only half a tablet of a pain medication. Just a personal thought for you. . .I had a lot of GYN problems and bleeding over the years. The best thing to happen to me was a hysterectomy. It was like magic, cleared up all my problems and I stopped contributing to the yearly sales of Kotex. :yeahthat:
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    Yes you may close this thread if you wish. I understand what you are saying by this not being a forum for 'medical advice' but I did find many of the replies very helpful. Thanks

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    Thread closed.