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I have recently been asked by a member of staff if it is true is there are any places in the US that have gone back to training nurse in their hospitals I would like to ask 3 questions here Is... Read More

  1. by   hbscott
    Virginia Diploma Programs - Status Of

    Abingdon Hospital
    Alexandria Hospital
    Opened: 1893 Closed: 1987

    Blue Ridge Sanatorium
    Opened: 1920 Closed: 1962
    Notes: Tuberculosis Nurses

    Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing
    Opened: 1961
    Notes: Other name Richmond Memorial Hospital

    Burrell Memorial Hospital
    Opened: 1910 Closed: 1933

    Catawba Sanatorium
    Opened: 1910 Closed: 1955
    Notes: Tuberculosis Nurses

    Chase City Hospital
    Opened: 1921 Closed: 1930

    Chesapeake and Ohio Hospital
    Clifton Forge
    Opened: 1916 Closed: 1972

    City Hospital, Lynchburg

    Community Hospital of Roanoke Valley
    Opened: 1965 Closed: 1985
    Notes: See Jefferson Hospital and Lewis-Gale Hospital; Changed to ADN program in 1985

    Danville Regional Medical Center School of Nursing
    Opened: 1900 Closed:
    Notes: Other name Danville General Hospital
    For more history see:

    DePaul Medical Center
    Opened: 1893 Closed: 1998
    Notes: Other names DePaul Hospital; St. Vincent DePaul Hospital

    Dixie Hospital

    Edmunds Hospital
    Opened: 1920 Closed: 1929

    Elizabeth Buxton Hospital
    Newport News
    Opened: 1906 Closed: 1952
    Notes: Program continued at Mary Immaculate Hospital

    George Ben Johnston Memorial Hospital

    Grace Hospital
    Opened: 1912 Closed: 1932 Reopened: 1942 Closed: 1975

    Hampton Training School for Nurses
    Opened: 1891 Closed: 1956
    Notes: Other name Dixie Hospital; replaced by BSN program
    For more history see:

    Home and Retreat Hospital
    Opened: 1886 Closed: 1919

    Hygiea Hoospital
    Opened: 1918 Closed: 1927

    Jefferson Hospital [Return to Top]
    Opened: 1914 Closed: 1965
    Notes: Merged with Lewis-Gale Hospital to form Community Hospital of Roanoke Valley

    Johnston Memorial Hospital
    Opened: 1912 Closed: 1971
    Notes: Other names Abingdon Hospital, George Ben Johnston Memorial Hospital

    Johnston-Willis Hospital
    Opened: 1909 Closed: 1980

    King's Daughters Hospital, Portsmouth

    King's Daughter Hospital
    Opened: 1898 Closed: 1932

    King's Mountain Memorial
    Opened: 1923 Closed: 1932

    Lakeview Hospital
    Opened: 1918 Closed: 1932 Reopened: 1944 Closed: 1951

    Lewis-Gale Hospital
    Opened: 1909 Closed: 1965
    Notes: Merged with Jefferson Hospital to form Community Hospital of Roanoke Valley

    Loudoun Hospital
    Opened: 1915 Closed: 1932

    Louise Obici Hospital
    Opened: 1951

    Lynchburg Hospital
    Opened: 1912 Closed: 1969
    Notes: Other name City Hospital; merged with Marshall Lodge Hospital to form Lynchburg-Marshall Lodge Hospital

    Lynchburg-Marshall Lodge Hospital
    Opened: 1969

    Marshall Lodge Hospital [Return to Top]
    Opened: 1903 Closed: 1932

    Martha Jefferson Hospital
    Opened: 1904 Closed: 1932

    Mary Immaculate Hospital
    Newport News
    Opened: 1952 Closed: 1961
    Notes: See Elizabeth Buxton Hospital

    Mary Washington Hospital
    Opened: 1906 Closed: 1935

    Maryview Hosptial
    Opened: 1945 Closed: 1971

    Mattie Williams Hospital
    Opened: 1922 Closed: 1933

    Medical College of Virginia
    Opened: 1922 Closed: 1952
    Notes: See Old Dominion Hospital and Memorial Hospital; continued by BSN program

    Memorial and Crippled Childrens Hospital

    The Memorial Hospital
    Opened: 1897

    Memorial Hospital
    Opened: 1903 Closed: 1922
    Notes: Continued Old Dominion Hospital program and continued by the Medical College of Virginia

    Memorial Hospital Mt. Sinia
    Opened: 1927 Closed: 1936

    Mount Regis Sanatorium
    Opened: 1918 Closed: 1933
    Notes: Tuberculosis Nurses

    New Altamont Hospital [Return to Top]
    Opened: 1922 Closed: 1927

    Norfolk General Hospital

    Norfolk Protestant Hospital

    Northampton-Accomac Hospital
    Opened: 1928 Closed: 1935 Reopened: February 1945 Closed: 1957

    Old Dominion Hospital
    Opened: 1895 Closed: 1903
    Notes: Continued by Memorial Hospital Richmond

    Parrish Memorial Hospital [Return to Top]
    Opened: 1921 Closed: January 31, 1945
    Notes: Absorbed by Maryview Hospital

    Petersburg General Hospital

    Piedmont Sanatorium
    Opened : 1918 Closed: 1960
    Notes: Tuberculosis Nurses; changed to ADN program

    Portsmouth General Hospital
    Opened: 1905 Closed: 1986
    Notes: Other name King's Daughters Hospital

    Provident Hospital
    Opened: 1920 Closed: ?

    Pulaski Hospital
    Opened: 1928 Closed: 1934 Reopened: 1948 Closed: 1962

    Radford Community Hospital
    Opened: 1943 Closed: 1964

    Retreat for the Sick
    Opened: 1896 Closed: 1931

    Richmond Hospital
    Opened: 1898 Closed: 1920

    Richmond Memorial Hospital

    Riverside Hospital

    Riverside School of Professional Nursing
    Newport News
    Opened: 1916
    Notes: Other name Riverside Hospital

    Roanoke Hospital

    Roanoke Memorial Hospital
    Opened: 1900 Closed: 1988
    Notes: other names Roanoke Hospital, Memorial and Crippled Children=s Hospital

    Rockingham Memorial Hospital
    Opened: 1912 Closed: 1977

    St. Andrews Home [Return to Top]
    Opened: 1902 Closed: 1919

    St. Christopher's Hospital
    Opened: 1912 Closed: 1927

    St. Elizabeth Hospital
    Opened: 1924 Closed: 1960

    St. Francis Hospital
    Newport News
    Opened: 1911 Closed: 1916

    St. Luke's Hospital
    Opened: 1886 Closed: 1935 Reopened: ? Closed: 1986

    St. Philip School of Nursing
    Opened: 1920 Closed: 1962

    St. Vincent DePaul Hospital

    Sarah Leigh Hospital
    Opened: 1903 Closed: 1936

    Sentara Norfolk General Hospital
    Opened: 1892
    Notes: Other names Norfolk Protestant Hospital, Norfolk General Hospital

    Shackelford Hospital
    Opened: 1927 Closed: 1931

    Sheltering Arms Hospital
    Opened: 1904 Closed: 1934

    Shenandoah Hospital
    Opened: 1913 Closed: 1936

    Southside Regional Medical Center
    Opened: 1895 Closed: 1955 Reopened: 1956
    Notes: Other name Petersburg General Hospital

    Stuart Circle Hospital
    Opened: 1913 Closed: 1975
    For more history see: Historical Perspectives

    Tucker Sanatorium
    Opened: 1913 Closed: 1932

    University of Virginia Hospital [Return to Top]
    Opened: 1901 Closed: 1968
    Notes: Continued by BSN program
    For more history see: History of the School of Nursing

    Virginia Baptist Hospital
    Opened: 1924 Closed: 1982

    Virginia City Hospital
    Opened: 1913 Closed: 1922
    Notes: continued by Medical College of Virginia

    Virginia Hospital
    Opened: 1893 Closed: 1913
    Notes: continued by Virginia City Hospital

    Warrenton Hospital [Return to Top]
    Opened: 1925 Closed: 1932

    Westbrook Sanatorium
    Opened: 1912 Closed: 1936

    Whittaker Memorial Hospital
    Newport News
    Opened: 1918 Closed: 1933

    William Byrd Hospital
    Opened: 1906 Closed: 1911

    Winchester Memorial Hospital
    Opened: 1902 Closed: 1964
  2. by   CseMgr1
    Originally posted by Nurse Ratched
    Good question, Sandra. I think those are pretty much going the way of the drive-in theatre - seems there are fewer and fewer every year. Just a few years ago the hospital-based school my brother graduated from closed - they turned out excellent nurses with a 100% boards pass rate the first time (because those who didn't "cut the mustard" were invited to leave before they sullied the record - those nuns were tough! I don't know why they are disappearing (I presume it's $ related in some fashion - isn't everything?)
    The hospital-based school I graduated from had a 90% pass rate. Seems that the ANA just couldn't stand prosperity, and it closed, too...
  3. by   Edward,IL
    Nursing education has moved from hospital-based diploma programs (which, by the way, granted little, if any, college credits.)

    Please see the American Nurses Assosciation re their position on entry into practice.

    Please see National League of Nursing for their position on the future of nursing education.

    Please see the American Association of Colleges of Nursing for their position on the future of nursing education.

    Hint: Get the highest degree that you possibly can, as soon as possible. This will afford you the most career mobility.

    There is no valid arguement against formal higher education.

    Just my two cents, Edward, IL
  4. by   fab4fan
    Edward, it is possible to have gotten a great education from a diploma program. I don't think you needed to be so condescending.

    And you should check you facts about diploma programs; most of those that still exist have altered their format so that graduates need about one additional year to obtain a BSN.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Originally posted by fab4fan
    Edward, it is possible to have gotten a great education from a diploma program. I don't think you needed to be so condescending.

    And you should check you facts about diploma programs; most of those that still exist have altered their format so that graduates need about one additional year to obtain a BSN.
    Thank you Fab4fan...from one tired, successful and good ol' Diploma RN...there are a few of us dinosaurs still kickin', eh?

  6. by   rstewart
    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Edward,IL

    There is no valid arguement against formal higher education.

    No valid "arguement"? lolol Your post brings one to mind.
  7. by   imenid37
    My 15 year old daughter would like to be a nurse. She had to do a career report and got info. from Lancaster General Hospital in Lancaster, PA and St. Luke's Hospital in Bethlehem, PA. Both award a diploma and have classes for English, A&P, etc at their facilities. St. Luke's also has a program w/ Moravian College for the BSN degree w/ clinicals mostly on their campus in addition to the diploma program. I also know of a diploma school in Delaware (at the shore) Beebe Hospital which grants a diploma, but prereq's are taken off campus before the start of the nursing classes.
    Here's some links
  8. by   Vanita
    im A student in India and im interested in doing my associate degree in nursing in a community college in the states..but from wat ive heard this only qualifies u as a nursing aide.. is that true?.. do i need to complete my full 4 yr degree to practice as a regular nurse?.... thanx for your time