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  1. Any ideas on how to motivate nursing techs (CNA's)? Lately the ones that I work with have not been pulling their share of the work. And with limited nursing staff, it really gives us nurses twice as much work to do and very little time! Normally, on my unit, they carry about 10-12 pts a piece...not a very overwhelming load as far as I'm concerned. But yet, pts are not being turned and repositioned, vitals signs are being omitted, incontinent pts are being left in urine for long periods of time (you can tell when there are several "ring" stains of urine). It seems like they plan out srategic ways to avoid doing their job. When ever you need one, they are no where to be found. I've had some of them say, "I put Mr Soandso on the bed pan...he sould be calling any minute...I'm gonna go down for a smoke break". Excuse me?!
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    This sounds soooooooooo familiar! I think that half the problem with the CNA is that they too are usually left short staffed and that means double work for them. They figure that hey the nurses don't have anything to do but give a few meds they can change a few beds every now and again.(While in reality we are bogged down with paperwork! and meds that are past due!) I don't know of any real solution to your problem. I have offered to help the CNA's after my morning work is finished. That seems to help them out and they are more willing to give you a hand later on. Best of LUCK!
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    When I started out as a nurse I was very passive and the CNAs had more experience than I did, and they took advantage of it. I worked the nt. shift and I would find them in a rt's room watching TV or sleeping. I didn't say anything because I was afraid of conflict. After 6 months 2 freshle graduated nurses came to work with me. I worked 7p-7a. When I would get there at 7p I would have to do those 2 nurses work for them (what they hadn't done since 3, which was practically everything) which taught me to start standing up for myself, because I was tired of being taken advantage of. The CNAs on 3rd were being taken care of. I began telling them what to do and some would do it and others wouldn't. So I would write them up and counsel them on it and they would have to sign the paper and then I'd turn it in to the administrator. We have a whole new 3rd shift crew now and they are much better. I work 2nd now and the CNAs have been there longer than I have and they are wonderful. I never have to say anything to them. We are now hiring more just graduated CNAs and when they work with these experienced CNAs they do a good job, but when the experienced ones are off, they get slack. I have to tell them something 2 or 3 times. I let them know that I don't put up with it and just a few months ago 2 were released because when you don't take care of the rt's the way they should be then it is considered neglect which is also considered abuse. When I tell them this they do a better job. There were 3 CNAs from our facility who have lost their certification and 1 spent some time in jail for abuse. I let the CNAs know this also. It helps to let them know that there are consequences for not doing there job.
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    You went to jail. What were you charged with?

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    I'm sorry I read that wrong. What was this cna charged with? How much time did he/she receive? What type of abuse?

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