Nursing Shortage...made front page Detroit News - page 2

The front of Detroit News/Detroit Freepress had articles on Nursing shortage. Here's the link:... Read More

  1. by   deespoohbear
    I emailed the author also. I hope she gets a tremendous response from our fellow nurses and the public. I also sent the pages to my coworkers who are on email. I want them to get a chance to read it also. I plan to print it out and take it to work with me. Who knows, maybe it will end up in our admininstrator's mailbox?
  2. by   capgirl
    Great series this is, now if only the administrators were reading it! I think I too will make a copy for the bulletin board for work!
  3. by   PhantomRN
    i just e mailed ms. webster as well. i would like to send the addys or copies of the articles to my local papers. i would love to see ms. websters hard work carried on.
  4. by   PhantomRN
    hi all me again. i sent ms. webster an email and made her aware of this thread. she rapidly responded by sending me another email requesting that i say for her:

    thank you for all your kind words.

    she went on to say that she intends to folllow the nursing shortage and that if any of us has any story ideas to let her know.

    i believe she has done an excellent job of researching and then presenting the facts about nursing. :d

    let's all pass the stories along to our local papers.
  5. by   askater
    Monday's Detroit News had article's on nursing shortage too!!! They made the front page!!! And two other pages too!!!

    I wish I had a link to the article's. Here's the titles...

    Nurses' Rx: More pay, less stress
    Better conditions needed to attract, retain RNs
    Nursing schools toughen standards may worsen RN shortage
    Nurses seek union's clout to gain benefits and voice
    RNs:Pay not enough for job's demands

    They are awesome article's. And you guy's are awesome for E-mailing other newspaper's and Ms. Webster!!

    Regarding getting through adminitrator's. That's a tough one!

    My BIL's a CEO at a hospital. I'll see him Thursday. Anyway last Thanksgiving nurse's came a subject matter. All my BIL's (the CEO BIL had just left) and Dh backed me my MIL and two SIL's that was another story. But I'm going to fight my case!!!! (if the subject arises)