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  1. by   kbaker
    I am a third year BSN nursing student at Syracuse University. I also plan on getting my masters in nursing admin. I reside in The Bronx, NY and I plan on working in a NYC hospital after graduation. I am wondering how much does anyone think I will make as a new graduate ICU/med-surg nurse? And how many years of experience will I need if I wanted to get a management position?

    I appreciate ANY input. Thanks everyone!
  2. by   kbaker
    Hi, there! I am just wondering which NYC hospital you work for? What was your starting salary? I am a student nurse at the moment and I am planning on working in a NYC hospital next year after graduation. What are the starting salaries? I heard that they were around $45 - $50k a year, depending on what area you work in.

    Originally posted by lionessnurse:
    I had to say something about the salaries mentioned here. First let me say that I am an RN and I work full-time in community health earning 55K + per year and part-time in a hospital mother baby unit earning $28/hr with a shift and weekend differential option. But in NY and NJ the cost of living is so high that this is not all that much money especially after taxes. The scary part is that because my husband's job is transferring him to North Carolina I know my pay will decrease dramatically. I am petrified. I know that it is cheaper to live down there but the pay is so much less than what I am making now. It will be a difficult adjustment. If any one has any suggestions please e-mail me.
  3. by   amp
    -RN/BSN (ortho staff nurse) in a large hospital in the downtowm Medical Center of Houston Texas.
    -With 6 years of full-time experience I'm now making $20.68/hr. Typical benefits package. Differentials are $1.00/hr for charge, $1.50/hr for weekends & $2.50/hr for 7p-7a.
    -Working conditions are similiar to what you all have described. NO MOT but 10 to 15 hrs of overtime per check from having to stay late to finish up after being short staffed.
    -This seems to be the norm for hospitals in our area. I like the cost of living better than my hometown in CT but the heat is a killer.
    -The Houston RN who makes $90,000/yr is very unusual. I think we all need to start fighting to be paid what we're worth.
  4. by   Kris10lnC
    I seriously think we should all just quit if we don't lik our pay. Thats my plan.
  5. by   nurs4kids
    Alabama Nurses, come to Birmingham, the pay's much better and we need you!!!!
    After 6 years, I'm making $17.52, plus $4/hr night shift differential. Reliable rumor has it we are getting another cross the board increase this month. We also have weekend diff and bonus pay for extra days($75-days, $125 nights on weekends, plus 1 1/2). No mandatory OT (yet) and a max of 1:5 nurse patient ratio. Also worth mentioning, my facility is one of the lower paying in the Birmingham area.

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  6. by   NurseTami
    Ok, now get this! I am an LPN with 10 years experience and am graduating from the ADN program for LPNs. My 10 years buys me the two-year RN rate. I will make base pay 21.16 an hour, plus 8% shifdif- yes I'll be on nights, and can buy the best insurance we have EVER had for 12 BUCKS a month. PLUS, my friend who works there says we get a RAISE in July! This is at one of the more esteemed hospitals in the Detroit Metro area. Right now I make 17.50 an hour and 230$ a month towards my families insurance. I never even bothered to find out what they wouldve paid, the capo for RNs is 20$ See ya! I gotta write my letter of resignation now Bye!
  7. by   sailbob99
    Work in northern fla as a agency nurse,ER/ICU
    pays 30$ hr flat rate,same agency in south fla/miami area pay around 35$flat rate.I believe staff nurse in north fla pays around
    18.00hr with over 10yrs experience plus shift.
  8. by   beluka
    I was shocked to see what RN's are making out there. A small part of me felt guilty as I sat here tonight and debated on which job to accept in the morning while I read how little my collegues are making. Out of the 3 jobs, one will pay $28/hr for 36 hours while I will only have to work 24. The second pays $30 plus bonuses and housing. And the third pays $34/hr. Two of those jobs are with travel agencies. I graduated in May 2000 and did not take my boards until December 2001. I was immediately hired at $17.50/hr plus diffs. Within 6 months, I was talking to medical travel agencies and got my first assignment in December. It was just 1 week short of my one year anniversary. In 13 weeks, I made nearly $27,000. I did not have to work my tail off and they also paid all my expenses. I have since taken on other assignments and have doubled my salary/year. The thing is my family has been able to do this with me. I wish I could tell you the secret to my success, but I don't know what it is. I thank God every single day for my blessings and hope that those of you that are troubled with your salaries, might get the courage and opportunity to take that leap. I won't say I wasn't scared, but I figured I can do anything for 13 weeks. The worse thing that could happen is I hate it and have to return to hospitals and the politics. Fortunately for me, it allowed my family and I to become closer, take a 2 month vacation, and make terrific and life-long friends throughout the country. If any of you out there would like to know more about travel nursing, feel free to email me. Best of luck to you and who knows, maybe someday I will be at your hospital.
  9. by   CougRN
    With 10+ years experience I know that nurses here in AZ that work nights with one night of OT a paycheck are making 70K plus. I know of a couple on my unit that make 80K plus. So it can be done after years of experience and a little OT.
  10. by   nursemary9
    I live and work in Chicago,IL.
    I have been an RN for 37 yrs. and have been at my current position for the last 33 years.
    My basepay is 27.65 plus $2.00/hr night shift differential; we get an extra $1.00/hr. more for weekends and an extra $1.00/hr if we are charge.

    We have an excellent benefits package that includes life insurance, Health insurance and 401K, also long and short disability.
    We get to choose between a PPO and and MHO; Both have prescription coverage.

    I also worked part-time in Home-Care--per diem. I was making any where between $45.oo-65.00 / visit--depending on type of visit and day of the week.
  11. by   Nursie30
    Originally posted by lisajRN
    WOW!! I really am fortunate. I was making 13.50/hr at an MR/DD facility and I moved to a LTC facility and am working as an MDS Coorindator at $19.00/hr. I live in rural Indiana.

    I live in Missouri and am an LPN, I started out in LTC doing MDS at $14/hr
  12. by   skybirdrising
    Originally posted by JGlass
    In Johnson City TN we get paid with penuts,around 12 -13 penuts an hour that is!!Starting Salery,after benifits and a nice home here cost aroung 2-350 thousand so you can imagine the cost of living vrs Income..
    After reading this post, I can understand why this poster is getting paid 'penuts'.
  13. by   ERKev
    I worked for a major Detroit area hospital system in ER until this past June. I was top scale and had a base pay of $27.50 with a $2.50 weekend diff and $1.50 MN diff. I am working agency now and make between $31 and $40 an hour for SD/ICU/ER, depending on facility.