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What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU Highs and lows... Read More

  1. by   Butt Wiper
    Originally posted by natbrat:
    What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU
    Highs and lows
    Ummmmmm I am a nurses Aide, in the state of PA and I work for the county and make $8.30/hr which i consider peanuts LOL
    If you work for staff relief being a nurses aide you get $11/hr on weekdays $12/hr on Saturday and $13/hr on Sunday's and holidays
    Sounds better to be into staff relief to me!

  2. by   Moetess
    Originally posted by michellejackson:
    i live in columbus georgia and a new grad starts off with about 15.50 and hour there is of course a shift diff for nites and weekends. i also drive up to atlanta and make anywhere form 45$hour-$33hour. this of course is thru an agency. i think that we all could benifit from a union. i have been hearing about nurses striking, i just wish we would all bond together and strike. of course you always have some nurses that will cross the picket line. in some places a nurse crossing the line can make up to $5000 dollars an hour. tell me if anyone out there knows anything about nurses striking

    It's true some scab nurses are making up to $5000 a week, plus hotel and meals. I'm currently on my 10th day of a strike in Wash.D.C. Fortunately our union is very strong, we had over 95% of our 1200 nurses walk out! Washington Teachers Assoc. and ANA donated to our strike fund. Iron Workers, former patients, area politicians, Ministers,surrounding Hospital nurses and even a few Doc's have contributed to our goal with food and moral support. Scab nurses are only fooling themselves, saying they are "doing it for their patients". Someday they or their family member will be lying in a hospital bed, and hopefully the too tired nurse from mandatory overtime or the nurse supervising the unlicensed personel won't be too busy to care for them.
    Thanks for letting me blow off steam!
  3. by   Birdie
    We are a small 24 bed rural hospital with a 4 bed ICU, an attached 10 bed Geropsych Unit and a 60 bed LTC unit. We start Graduated Nurses out at $14.60 an hour with shift differential of $1.00 weekdays & double that on weekends. They can also receive .50 more an hour if they have certifications in specialities, i.e., ACLS, TNCC. The highest paid nurses are making approximately $21.00 an hour that is mainly due to increased years of experience.
  4. by   TEstoesta
    I've been in nursing for 7 years with 8 years under my belt at the same hospital...I started at 12.35 and am now at 20.03 with $2.50 for being on call, call back is time and a half with diff. I've moved from various med-surg floors then on to MSICU and now special procedures/x-ray dept. In the last year I got 2 raises and now another one on the way. Our hospital is making an effort to keep their RNs...they are going to initiate new PRN rates at 25-to 30 an hour with diffs...weekend diffs are now $5 and night diff is $3.25. Double time is offered for nurses covering critical needs area. 6+ years experience RNs get a 5.5% base salary increase. The new plan her at Baptist medical is called "Flex choices" for RN's and its designed to around the pick and choose your schedule your benefits, etc.
    Right now, I plan on making a career change...I don't see myself in this profession in the future.

    Tom Estoesta,RN
    special procedures x-ray radiology/critical care services.
  5. by   NikkiN
    all i can say is WOW - i had no idea.....
    new grads here in connecticut START out at least $18.50 for city hospitals + diff (15% eves, 25% w/e & perm nights)
    the lowest start for a hospital (in CT)that i've heard of is $17.85

    we are in need of some good nurses.... so come on up
  6. by   ClassyGalRN
    I am a registered nurse in Dallas, Texas with a little over one years nursing experience. I currently make $15.13/hr with diffs $2.00/hr 3-11, $3.00hr 11-7, $5.00/hr weekend. I am one of the lowest paid nurses in the dept for lack of experience (which is relative!)and time in the profession but can run circles around some of the higher paid nurses who have been practicing longer than me. Currently, the hospital doesn't provide any financial perks for having a BS, a certification or career ladder opportunities. Unless I were to dangle an attractive job offer from another hospital in front of my current employer, I will probably continue to make a measely 3% raise every year. I am staying for now because I still feel I need to gain experience before I move on if I so choose, work is close to home, we can self schedule (for the most part), and I love the people I work with. We are truly a team. I am not interested in pool or agency nursing because I like having a work "home". I didn't go into nursing for the lucrative salary potential (haha) but for the flexibility it can provide, the difference I make in people's lives and for having a good balance between work and home. And I don't have to dress up and worry about dry cleaning!

  7. by   DawnRN
    I graduated in 1997 and at that time starting salaries in Corvallis, OR were $19.25/hr + 5% eve diff, 9% noc diff, and an addl 5% weekend on top of your others. I currently work in a fast paced 12 bed mixed ICU and make $20.75/hr plus diff. the salary cap is approx. $26.50/hr and then you recieve an annual bonus to make up the difference. The max annual raise we can "earn" is 6%. Our hospital just gave the "areas in shortage" a $1500 annual bonus - lump sum - to be continued annually until we have filled more positions in ICU, L&D, OR & Cath Lab. Our facility offers time and a half plus $3.00/ hr for on call pay.... which needless to say is always available. I also work agency ( for Favorite Nurses, they're great!) and make anywhere from $32 to $48/hr depending on the shift. I very rarely get called off, and get travel pay in addition to hourly. I get more work than I can handle within a 2 hr travel radius. So, If anyone is interested in coming to rainy Oregon........ email me @

    Dawn RN, ICU
  8. by   shodobe
    I work in SoCal for two hospitals that are owned by the same corporation. My base pay is 25.80/hr and I work alot of OT. Last year I made 99,000. This shows that you can make as much as you want. I still do not feel I worked that hard last year and this is after 24 years of doing it in the OR. With the shortage of experienced OR nurses it is only going to get better for me. I feel bad for the nurses that work their butts off for peanuts and go home every night feeling that they did not do enough for their patients. Without you guys feeling this for them the patients and their families would be hung out to dry. You should be proud of what you do each and everyday for them and hopefully the shortage will eventually be beneficial for all of us. Hang in there!
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    Originally posted by natbrat:
    What are some common nursing salaries for ER, Med surg, OR ICCU
    Highs and lows
    here is a link for info about nurses salaries from 1999, hope it works, have had trouble posting links in the past,

  11. by   rland
    I work in central Florida between Tampa and Orlando. I have ten years experience as LPN in LTC and now work doubles at LTC facility on every Saturday and Sunday. My base pay is $17.18 hr for 7-3, then get $.60 hr shift diff for 3-ll plus time and half for anything worked over 8 hrs which comes to $26.67 hr for the second shift. My biweekly gross is usually $1650 and I'm off the rest of the week. I'm thinking about returning to school but not sure if I will continue in nsg or other science major. There is a major nsg shortage in this area also and a lot of lawsuits. A new bill is to be passed soon to limit the amount of suits here in Florida as the numbers are staggering and the liability insurance premiums that the facilities have to pay are about three times more than any other state. Anyways from my experience here in Florida the southern and central parts pay better than north and northwest. You can just about get a job anywhere in the state that you choose to live. Roland LPN
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  13. by   pegrn80
    Working in a NJ dialysis I make 23$ an hour as charge nurse. I have close to 20 years experience as an RN.