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I am fed up with my 1st nursing job at a nursing home!!! As a new LPN, I don't know what's legal or not and how much I should take. Here's the 411 with this facility....any help/suggestions???? ... Read More

  1. by   canoehead
    40 patients is 12 minutes per patient, if you don't take any breaks, and you don't answer the phone, or take off orders, or walk down the hall, etc.

    How many of your patients have med passes that can be done in 12 minutes or less?

    If you added treatments, can you still do up any of those patients in less than 12 minutes?

    If say, 1 in 10 asks you for something that would take only 5 minutes extra, and that happens twice a you say "no, wait for the CNA" or do you just do it. Since you're working so hard you take 20 minutes to inhale lunch....that's an hour. Now you've got only 10 minutes per patient.

    Do the math- this job is physically impossible. Until administration learns simple math you are SOL. And now you know why you feel inadequate and rushed every time you go to work.

    I wouldn't stay.
  2. by   sharpeimom
    RUN! and don't look back over your shoulder cuz sommethin' might be gainin' on ya...