Nursing for Dummies???

  1. Ok, not for the totally stupid, but....

    I am looking for some sort of books....preferable little ones I can read in bed or take to clinicals...that gives a snapshot of different conditions, common symptoms, common meds used for that condition, interventions, etc. Something that has all the biggies....CHF, Diabetes, electrolyte probs. I need something I can start really reviewing at night to get myself up to par (where I think I should be!)

    Anyone know of any short, simple, and accurate books for this? The only thing I have seen so far is Med-Surg Notes but I don't think that includes common drug therapy???? Basically, if you were going to buy one book that would summarize everything important you should have learned in school, ONE book that you could not live without....WHAT IS IT???? Thanks!:blushkiss
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  3. by   sister--*
    Go to the book store and look through the NCLEX books. Many are set-up just this way. They are an invaluable tool.

    Also, there is a nursing magazine called, Nursing Made Easy. I've seen a few issues of it and have had several of my co-workers say they subscribe to this. I might even give it a whirl once my RN and Nursing 2006 magazine subscriptions run-out.

    Good luck in finding the resources you're looking for.
  4. by   JoeyDog
    my husband uses a little pocket book called "RN Notes" he really likes it. He is a new grad and it has lab values, EKG interpretations, assessment tools, medication therapy, trauma, ER, CC, ect. It seems like a little catch all pocket book. His clinical instructor told him about it.

    You can go to and type in something to the effect of "nursing info pocket books" and that should bring up what you are looking for. Also Barnes & Noble (our does anyway) has a nursing section and there are pocket books there too. They have them for all kinds of different specialties peds, trauma, ER, and they have the "catch all" kind like my husband uses. Actually my husband also uses a medication reference book too. It is like a condensened version of a PDR and he really like that too. I can't remember what it is called though. Anyway they are both relatively small and are desgined to fit in your scrub pockets. Hope that helped! Good luck!
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    Davis Rn Facts
  6. by   rehab nurse
    try the "nursing made incredibly easy" series. they have lots of titles

    look on amazon, or similar sites. they have easy to read, condensed reading. it's not too "heavy", if you know what i mean.

    i've read all of them. a good one to try is "best of 'nursing made incredibly easy' ". that's a nice one... Best of Incredibly Easy! (Incredibly Easy! Series): Books: Springhouse

    p.s. they have all the titles you're looking for. i personally have the fluids/electrolytes book, among many others, and it's an excellent source of info that's not so hard to read.
  7. by   Epona
    That is great info. to have! I am starting RN school in less then a week!

    Thanks for the tips on the easy reading! Epona
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