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I am a man and I'm thinking of becoming a nurse. I've just started my first semester of college and I've been truly interested in the nursing field. Are any of you male nurses? For you female nurse... Read More

  1. by   Darryl Johnson
    G'day Nate.
    I am a male nurse in the outback in Australia working at a minesite. Come down under champ we need all the nurses we can get down here. No probs with the women or male nurses down here ha ha! Your first decision is the right one, go nursing and travel! Who knows I might see you one day and I will buy you a beer!
    Good luck.
  2. by   NursNikNak
    Wild - I honestly believe that it's nurses with your lousy attitude that make for hostile and uncomfortable work environments, not the women in the profession, as you apparently would like to believe...if you're so disgruntled with nursing, why don't you do something else instead of moaning about it? Or try your hand at a Nurse Anesthetist program, since you seem to tout that as the only way to gain any satisfaction or respect from nursing. I'm sorry you've not had many positive experiences, but it is really unfair of you to discourage someone from the field who may be a truly valuable asset to any nursing team.

    Nate--I've worked along side many male nurses who are both extremely competent and compassionate and who are well respected by both their colleagues as well as their clients. As with any profession, nursing has it's drawbacks, but the personal satisfaction strongly outweighs them...(for me, anyway) I wish you the best of luck in whatever you do!
  3. by   EllanRN
    Go for it Nate. I am a female nurse, but work with lots of male nurses (critical care) There are differences between most men and women, but everyone is different anyways. It is no different in that respect than any other profession. I love it. Good luck!