Nursing Buisness Cards? - page 2

I've been working as a nurse for a year and a half now .. was wondering what you guys thought of making buisness cards to keep them handy because I was at a social networking event last night .. and... Read More

  1. by   elizabeth321
    I have my own clinic, my own office, my own fax number, my own phone number....I carry a case load of patients....I go through 5-10 business cards a week.

  2. by   Selke
    Just to clarify: I thought the OP was referring to cards to give out to other nurses or for business or personal reasons, but NOT to give to patients. I never give out my personal information to a patient.
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  3. by   dansamy
    Vista Print has some nice cards at inexpensive prices. Yes, I'd have cards for a purely networking reason. Not for patients.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    Because I'm an advanced practice nurse, I always provide my patients and family members with my first and last name. So...although I don't have business cards, I am seriously considering it.

    However, in all the years I worked as a staff nurse in the ER, never ever did i give my name out to a patient or family. Too many wackos in the world.