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  1. by   Shelly69
    I have 3 tatoos. Nefertiti on my upper right arm. a rose with my oldest son,s name on my right calf, and a hummingbird with my youngest son's name on my left shoulder. They are covered at work and are usually seen in the summer time. Even on the occasion if I wear a skirt at work, no one has ever mentioned it.
  2. by   boopchick
    Originally posted by realmean1
    8 tats for self, wife has 8. Our last ones were 1 mo. ago and we are 48. The last tattoo I will get will be D.N.R. across the chest.
    LMAO!!! Spoken like a true nurse. :chuckle
  3. by   maxinern
    DNR: I love it!! I told everyone of my friends from work. :roll
  4. by   healingtouchRN
    just remember, one day when you're old, the spider on your tummy will be an octopus! My sis in law has "tomboy" inside her arm. I keep thinking about how that is gonna look when she is a 70 year old "tomboy"! She is a riot! But tattoos are just not for me. I like to wash off my art work after the day is done!
  5. by   Wolfpax
    I have always wanted a tatoo, around my ankle, eagle feathers with a dream catcher in the center of the band, with (of course for me) a wolf in the center of the dream catcher... but I am a diabetic with a bone marrow problem(not a big one) and have this fear of having my foot fall off due to an inadvertant infection... I may just do it for a present for my 60th birthday (that will give me a good number of years to get over being a woosie).
    As an aside, I have a cardiac cath done (first and hopefullly last) last year... I was a nervous wreck lying on that table (typical nurse) and along comes my cath nurse, had his scrub sleeve rolled up like he had a pack of cigarettes in it but I could see his tattoo... it said St. Al... it made me feel better... the again it could have been the narcotics...
  6. by   nursebucky
    I have a Ga peach on my breast and a butterfly near my butt under the pantyline. They are not for anyone else to see, and the scrubs cover them up.

    When I turn 90+, I am going to look like my grandmother - a beautiful Indian/black woman with hardly any wrinkles, a small waist, flat stomach and hourglass figure. That is how she looked in her early 90s when she passed. *fingers crossed*
  7. by   Audreyfay
    I got one in my wilder years....when I was 38. A small delicate red rose on my (L) side of chest. It peeks out of my neckline at times and people always comment about it. I like it. I've never been sorry I got it. It always reminds me of a special time in my life.
  8. by   S.Lunsford RN
    Again, this is just an opinion and everyone is entitled to do as they wish. I personally do not like tattoos. I think it is unprofessional. Just working with patients who are elderly now with old fadded out tattoos it does not look good. Why ruin a beautiful creation (your body) with permanent ink and scaring? I just don't think people think about the long term affects of tattoos and piercings.
  9. by   AlixCoastRN
    I have a bracelet tattoo just above my right wrist that goes all the way around. Its forget-me-nots (the Alaska state flower) and now that I no longer live in Alaska, it serves to remind me of home. When I wear my lab coat or long sleeves, it is covered. Most of my patients/residents think it is very attractive. I have alway wanted a tattoo, ever since I saw my uncles when I was about 6 - I was fascinated by it! It took me until I was about 44 years old to realize what I wanted. I have no regrets about it.
  10. by   gizelda196
    I have a celtic tri- knot on the back of my neck. I love my tatoo. I want more! And I wouldnt mind piercing my tongue.
  11. by   nursebedlam
    not really into the pain of having a tattoo, but l'd like one.
  12. by   featherzRN
    I have four, kinda One on my left bicep of a heart and vine, and three small butterflies on my back, all together. . Not visible unless I am wearing white--and I never wear white uniforms anymore.
  13. by   montanaladi
    I have a rose on my ankle, it is tasteful and pretty. The patients who happen to see it are impressed, I have never had anyone complain about it.