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  1. by   jezabel1961
    i stopped counting at 30, its becoming one big tattoo
  2. by   Graciegirlienurse
    i think that generally nursing schools are more strict about visible tattoos and piercings than the hospitals. My school allowed on earring in each ear, but did not specify size. tattoos had to be covered.

    0 gauge is about as big around as a pencil. I stretched to that size over the course of two years, very sloooowly! I think that slow and steady is the way to go when stretching. I went even slower than neccessary because I am a total jewelry freak! I choose very carefully beautiful, high quality jewelry and I like to wear it for a while.
  3. by   Shannon RN 2be
    I would love to have a tattoo with pooh kind of floating up holding on to balloons. I want my kids initials in the balloons. I have always gone back and forth where to put it. I like the idea of above the sock on the side. I don't know when I will get it but I want to do it.
    Hugs :icon_hug:
  4. by   Roy Fokker
    Y'all can see my tattoo in my gallery

    I plan on getting atleast 4 more
  5. by   newlpn2806
    I have 2. A rose on my Left ankle and a 4-leaf clover on my Right foot.
  6. by   JaxiaKiley
    I have two, but they are covered by most of my clothes.
  7. by   Princess74
    I have one on my left ankle. Its a pink heart with two purple roses. I want one on my lower back but I haven't figured out what design that I want yet.
  8. by   ortess1971
    I have 4- A phoenix on my shoulder, a wolf on my left thigh, a sun symbol with my zodiac sign in the center(on my upper arm) and a pentacle with vines weaving through it on my ankle. I am also thinking of a fifth to commemorate my graduation from nursing school...:spin:
  9. by   yadda_yadda_yadda
    I have 2--and both are concealed @ work 100%
    The first is a small Tweety Bird directly below my ribcage--I've had it since 1994. The second is an 'anklet' of barbed wire around my left ankle--got it in 1998.

    Yep--I wish I didn't have them. One day, when I'm incontinent & in a nursing home somewhere, I'm sure it will be tpoic for conversation.

    Would I ever consider getting more? Absolutely NOT. I regret the two I have.
  10. by   KellNY
    I have 2 right now--my son's name on my right arm and a heart w/a Kanji symbol in the middle on my right hip.

    I plan on getting something on the back of my neck, right below the hairline, as well as a small picture under or near my son's name (maybe Pisces). Also when I have other kids I'll get their names as well.

    I also have my nose pierced, but that's another poll.
  11. by   ocb_dave_ocb
    i dont have any tattoos right now but i have my tongue pierced, I had both of my ears pierced but i removed them to have the more professional appearance
  12. by   porcelina22
    I have my tongue, ears, and navel pierced. I had my labret pierced but took it out a while ago, may get it repierced after graduation, dependant on hospital policy. I have 2 tattoos- a buterfly on my lower back, and a vine that starts on my left thighand ends on my right shoulder- in progress. I still have a few leaves to get colored in, all the flowers need color, and my right shoulder hasn't been started yet. It will have the rest of the vine weaving through a pentacle. One more month!!!

    I plan on getting fully sleeved throughout the course of my career, and if that requires me to wear long sleeve jackets, oh well. But I think as society becomes more accepting, the need for cover ups will diminish. I hate reading posts that tattoo'ed individuals are unprofessional. The color of my skin, whether it be genetic or by choice, has absolutely nothing to do with the way I conduct myself in a professional setting. As long as it does not present a heath risk to my patients, there should be no problem.
  13. by   ocb_dave_ocb
    The reason I took my earrings out is because i work in a LTC facility and some of the elderly ladies (who have a hard time with a "male" nurse) have a problem with you having piercings as well they think you are a "hoodlem" or the like.. I kept my tongue ring in because its harder to notice.. In general I don't think its a problem personally for nurses to have piercings or tattoos male or female. I just think it puts some of the patients at ease to not have them.