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  1. by   Imagin8tion
    I have two both on my ankles which are always covered by socks/scrubs. I would love to get one more on my back.

  2. by   ameriarmybrattLPN
    I have one on my right outer ankle and cannot wait for the next which will be on my left shoulder.
  3. by   DebP
    I have no prob with tatts, I have'em. I also have my eyebrow pierced. The hoop is very small. I've been told it's discreet. I have never had an employer or prospective employer say a word about it And when I'm old? I will happily tell the story of my friend who got me the tattoo for my birthday. :hatparty:
  4. by   ameriarmybrattLPN
    Quote from debp
    i have no prob with tatts, i have'em. i also have my eyebrow pierced. the hoop is very small. i've been told it's discreet. i have never had an employer or prospective employer say a word about it and when i'm old? i will happily tell the story of my friend who got me the tattoo for my birthday. :hatparty:
    just wanted to say that i like your attitude deb! i had my eyebrow and tongue pierced but when i went for the interview for nursing school one of the interviewers told me "you'll have to remove those." i just answered "yes ma'am" then when i got the acceptance letter i took them out. my employer in oklahoma wouldn't have allowed the eyebrow ring . . . but now that i am in an another state i think more is accepted here. however, i'm not working yet.
  5. by   DebP
    [font=lucida console]however, i am planning to start my rn in january. the teachers here are very conservative, so that'll be the end of the ring. it'll be very strange. it's been there for 5-6 years. i will also have to take my fingernails off.
  6. by   abundantjoy07
    i don't have anything against anyone with tattoos. it's up to you what you want to do to your body. some of them are pretty impressive. i've thought about it but i never will...i don't know what i want to be permanatly inked on my body. good old reliable me. no tattoos and two ears! :d if i didn't have them pierced when i was 5 months old they would probably be pierceless today.

    oh yeah...i'm bad.

  7. by   DebP
    [font=book antiqua]isn't it interesting how diferent we all are? i have another one planned for when i feel the time is right (which will hopefully be soon). i want to get a phoenix rising from its flames. it is very appropriate for me. i can't imagine not having my ears pierced. i love jewelry!!
  8. by   sproutingflower
    Hi everyone I've just started my first quarter of a three year nursing program and am having to deal with the whole tattoo/piercing dress codes. I have 16 piercings to date, all of which are visable (ears and lip). For my clinicals I have to remove all of them except for one in each earlobe. I've also been gathering courage to get my first tattoo (a little one that'd be covered by scrubs), though with having to deal with my piercings I'm starting to wonder if it's just better to conform completely rather than mess with covering up the little bit of "rebel" in me when in a professional situation.
  9. by   PsychRNMsz
    I have one and was going to get another 2 but my nursing school chair person said if she sees new ink during our clinical days then we could loose our spot. she said that it would freak out our psych pts.

    If its not covered by your scrubs I can see where it might pose a problem, but i didn't plan on exposing my back at any time while I am with pts... just my thought there

    Christa ~Checked off on Medication Administration now legal with a needle!~
  10. by   lalajenn
    I have 5 and plan on getting more. Can't see them though when in scrubs.
  11. by   StepSta
    I have two: a butterfly on the back of my neck, and the world with my kids's names around it on my lower back... Both can be hidden by scrubs but when I put my hair up, the tattoo on myneck shows and I do get comments... GOOD ONES tho!

  12. by   digitalpencil
    hey waz up..... well before i go into my tattoo work..... i have a question, does anyone think that having ink will get in the way of me getting into some good work?

    ok, i do tattoos, i enjoy giving tatz, i am really clean and avoid cross contamination at all cost! anywayz, i have several tattoos!! even one on my left ear, ha ha. i'm working on one now going up my left arm, i'm tatting it myself. it is torn flesh at my wrist and biomechanical underlay going up my arm, it's way cool! i have some on my neck too, no piercings though, i took em all out.
  13. by   angel_in_sneakers
    i love tats. i have 4 myself. one is a heart with a rose sticking in it and the vine going around my right ankle. the second one is a dragonfly with tribal design across my lower back, the third one is a memorial of my dad and sister.. a tiger lilly with scroll design and their initials and the words loved and missed. the fourth and my favorite is a kneeling, naked fairey with butterfly wings on the side of my left ankle with stars and fairey dust swirling down the side of my foot. i think tats are sexy! by the time i am 80 i will probably be in such a state of dementia i am not gonna care what they look like.