Nursing and Piercings?

  1. Hey guys
    I was wondering if nurses are allowed to have any piercings that are visible... like on your face
    I wanted to get an eyebrow piercing at the arch of my eyebrow but I know that you're not allowed to have any jewelry at work, only little makeup, small hair clips and small earrings.
    I really want to be a nurse but for me piercings and tattoos are such a bit part of self-expression.
    I was thinking of getting one where I can cover it easily, but I can't get the idea of piercings my eyebrow out of my head!
    Are you allowed to have piercings???
    (Is that a good idea, to have a piercing when you're a nurse?
    If you would get a piercing, where would it be?)
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  3. by   KaroSnowQueen
    I think it would be highly frowned upon. I have not seen a nurse personally with a facial piercing. We have had some aides with facial piercings but they either had to take it out or if it was new, cover it with a band aid for the first few weeks, and then they couldn't wear anything in it while at work.
    I have heard nurses talk about having other things pierced other than their ears, but these were below neck level and covered by their clothing while at work, so wasn't an issue. (Other than the nurse who had a +PPD and had to get a chest xray and had to have it redone because her nipple rings showed up on the xray.)
  4. by   memphispanda
    I know that both my school and the hospital I am working in don't allow facial piercings including tongue. Having said that, I have seen maybe 2 people working with tiny jewelry in their nostril, but that is all. I do know there are a few with visible tattoos--one on the neck and one on the hand.
  5. by   wv_nurse 2003
    ~~preparing for flames~~

    Okay--I admit it I am old school--but I don't think facial piercings have any place on a professional nurse, or any other professional for that matter. Looks do matter--like it or not. You don't see other "professionals" (lawyers, doctors, bankers, etc) going to work with rings in their nose.
    In your private life--hey, whatever makes ya happy, but for me, cover it up or take it out when you are on the job--JMHO
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    you can get a tounge piercing and then just put a plastic retainer in it while at work so it isn't visible..... i don't know how you'd get around the eyebrow thing though
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    Thanks though, that was a lot of help

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  9. by   saccharin
    what does makeup have to do with anything regarding nursing?
  10. by   Wuiteroz
    Originally posted by saccharin
    what does makeup have to do with anything regarding nursing?
    I think I remember reading info from a nursing scool about what are the uniform requirements and it said something about not wearing big hair clips in your hair, of course special shoes, the required uniform and not to go too crazy on the makeup
    keep it subtle.
  11. by   clhsunfire
    AT a local hospital near me, you can only have two earrings in each ear, nothing real big, and you cannot have artificial fingernails; you are allowed to wear whatever make up you want though as far as I know. I once saw a tech wearing an eyebrow piercing, but never a nurse. I personally think its not professional.
  12. by   yodakelly

    Wow, i don't know where to start, but i'll try.

    #1: piercings nor tottoos in any way indicate a person's
    1)education 2)intelligence 3)ability 4)profession. I know people on an intimiate level that are holding "important" and "respectable" positions in their lives that have either piercings or tattoos (or both). I personally have no grudge against this, but rather, would probably off-hand consider a person w/ piercings/ tattoos to be more open minded (positive quality) than the average schmuck.

    #2: THE BIG ONE: our patients make judgements based on what they see. alot of people will make judgements about you and your ability/ intelligence/ skills based on visible piercings/ tattoos. Do i think this in any way is fair or accurate? NO! but they will do it.

    That being said, I have a nose ring and I was just voted as the "excellence in practice" nurse by my peers. My patients as a general rule trust and respect me. The catch: I wear a "retainer" nose ring to work every day, flesh colored and barely visible. This is not my preferential nose ring; I like the ring or a stud much better, but i am aware of the steroetype i am up against and feel that I do not have enought time with a patient or family to prove their initial "first impression" based on my stupid little nose ring wrong.

    Oh, and most places have policies against visible piercings. After initially getting my nose (painfully) pierced, I was told by my old unit director that my very small jeweled nose ring was not allowed. Nevermind you the guy that had just been hired with a huge lepoard tattoo climbing down his arm. Whatever the inconsistency, I changed to the less visible retainer and haven't had a problem since.
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  13. by   rachel h
    I have my tongue pierced and have never had a problem with it. Usually people don't even notice it. As far as other piercings go, I have worked with nursing assistants who have eyebrow piercings, but I don't think any nurses. I have worked with nurses and techs who have visible tattoos and I can think of two docs at our hospital with nose piercings (very tiny studs, however). I guess it just depends where you work.
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    Originally posted by yodakelly

    Wow, i don't know where to start, but i'll try.

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