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Hi everyone! Just curious to see what you received for nurses week and from whom? From management we got a name tag halyard with company name imprinted, a heart that has imprinted logo that has a... Read More

  1. by   nrsjo
    Nurses week wasn't acknowledged where I work. Therefore, we got nothing.
  2. by   TopazStone
    We got clipboards with a space for papers, pens and supplies on the inside. We also got monthly planners with and address section. We had pizza and pop for lunch. I teased our director, "Now we don't have an excuse for being organized, huh?" I also got a beautiful card from a former patient, a white rose and a box of chocolate. I thought it was nice-- last year I got a carnation in the little plastic holder from the grocery store.
  3. by   NJDiane
    For "Nurses Week" nothing.
    For Nursing Home Week, a flashlight keychain teeshirt, and free taco lunch. Anyone connected with the operation of our facility received the same things.
  4. by   capgirl
    I currently work 3 part time/Per Diem jobs. At the hospital, a fruit & candy basket was brought to the unit on Wednesday. At the nursing home, they just made an announcement over the PA to thank the nurses. At my third job, an ARC, there was no mention of nurses day at all.
    Last year, I got a handy pocket calculator.
  5. by   susyqrn
    At the hospital I work at, they called it "patient services week".
    We got little miscellaneous items in a little baggie that were donated from different companies, which included a pen light, a mini PDR, etc. They gave them out last Fri., and if you weren't there, you got nada.
  6. by   isabella
    my, my - some of these negative comments remind me of the days when i was a "real" nurse... i can remember feeling resentful and angry at administration most of the time. it was always the old "us" and "them" standoff. and then the unthinkable happened, i became ONE OF THEM!!! so, for nurses week here in little old estherville, iowa, we partied all week - we had several doorprizes to give away each day (and they were good things!), we had a HUGE bowl filled with chocolate goodies every day, we had all the nurses bring their nursing school graduation photos to post and had a contest to "name that nurse", we had a "happy birthday, flo" party, we had a big bulletin board covered with "stuff" about nursing, and we had a lot of fun....because i am lucky to work with fantastic nurses and even luckier to work with a great CEO. so come work here and be happy. remember, if ya hate what you're doing, you're the only person that can change it! ciaobella!
  7. by   isabella
    it's me again...nurse ratchett - i wanted to mention that we included both shifts (we do 12-hour shifts here) - we are VERY careful to include both shifts in everything.
    what i really wanted to add was - as nurses, aka humans, we all want to be recognized, valued, and rewarded.... the problem with us nurses is we're our own worst enemy. we've never demanded respect, so we don't get it. we as a group, as a profession, can't even decide on how to be ONE organization... how many national organizations does nursing have? we are totally fragmented and until we come together as one (like the AMA), we will never have a credible voice or any influence or any power. we are like a group of oppressed people - we have feel powerless against the oppressor (which most nurses see as administration) so we strike out laterally against each other. in other words, other shifts or other nurses - causing more fragmentation! maybe instead of all the complaining we do, we should create one powerful voice and do something about our lack of respect...because we're the ones responsible for it! and now i shall step off the soapbox.....
  8. by   nelson95
    We had our nurses week cancelled due to ongoing job action. All I've ever seen happen here is the administrators delivering ice cream. The chronic neglect of nurses has led to a very terrible situation here in British Columbia. Thats why I'm off to Co. after one more shift.
  9. by   Barbara Rose
    I got nothing from my home health agency, nothing from the state where I contract, but one of my attorney/clients send me chocolate! Now, that man knows how to get to a woman's heart, especially when you are already down. But other than that, nothing. Hey, I didn't even get gifts for mother's day from 2 of my 3 children, and my husband worked on his truck all day.
  10. by   angels2c
    My administrator gave us all $50 this year. It was up from $25 last year. Both years I bought my nurses plants and balloons. We really go all out for CNA week.( The nurses, activity dept, and social service dept). We plan something for every day, and for every shift. The end of the week we round it off with parties and gifts for all of our great CNA's.
  11. by   heartsmartnurse
    Gosh, compared to some of the others, I guess our hospital done pretty good. All nursing staff received a nice polo shirt with the hospital logo on it. We also received a large umbrella, free lunch, sundaes, and door prizes for hospital week. I got all my staff a candle holder with candle,a nursing gold pin, and book mark with the nurse's prayer on it. They got me a very nice leather Liz Claiborne purse. All in all, I must say this was a very nice Nurse's Day compared to some we have had in the past.
  12. by   Clweedrn
    As RN's we are in job action here due to contract negotiations. I am RNABC work place representive. We had planned several actives which included all our nurses. However, our chief nursing officer sent out a memo that all nursing week activites were cancelled due to the RN job action. We were not consulted. Many of our nurses found this to very offensive and demoaralizing.
  13. by   rosy
    Hi All,
    I work for a small and extremely rapidly growing telehealth company. I think nurse's week would have gone unnoticed except one of our nurses took it upon herself to coordinate activities. We had two daily drawings for gift certificates ( one for nurses, one for non-nurses) Bagels, fruit and Juice on Monday. A catered nurses dinner on Tuesday, cookies and milk on Wednesday, Potluck on Thursday, and Endorphins(chocolate) on Friday. Our administration was great about footing the bill for the prizes and nurses dinner, and really appreciated that someone was willing to put it all together.
    At the nursing home where my mother lives, a family member (also a nurse) brought brownies for the staff.
    Maybe next year we should think about what we can do for each other for Nurse's Week and not what should be done for us.