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  1. by   saskrn
    ...that he's gone into v-fib!
  2. by   Mommab2kids
    Their family member coding in the chair!
  3. by   rachelle73
    My dementia patient "yanked that snake out of my Willy" . True story, poor guy was holding his still inflated Foley in his hand.
  4. by   mcsuern
    some perverted old man telling me it is time for his full bed bath lying there naked.
  5. by   soukumup73
    them dead
  6. by   tiffanysue22
    Them naked
  7. by   Lisasaxon
    Brown "finger paint" on the walls!
  8. by   DRagsdale69
    The patient covered in feces
  9. by   Mbv9945
    My Patient having a bowel movement in the trash can, apologizing for his inability to use the commode because his "testicles have been taken over by gravity, causing them to awkwardly sink into the toilet water".
    #ThismaybeaTrue story!
  10. by   MamaLlama2
    Someone injured on the floor...naked.
  11. by   JadedCPN reason to quit.
  12. by   Erichallrn
  13. by   Vbarron65
    That there is a code brown!! And I'm not talking about a little!