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  1. by   nursemarion
    bodily fluids beyond my capability of control, a smoking IV pump, or any of the other horrific images of surprise findings past that haunt my memories.
  2. by   TigraRN
    them on the floor
  3. by   cpclpn2007
    ...that my patient has not picked at the edges of his/her colostomy wafer AGAIN!

    I've already replaced it twice this shift for the same reason, each time causing a MAJOR leakage of STANKY, watery still which required total bed linen changes, patient showers, and my utilization of the back-up scrubs kept in my trunk for "emergencies"....

    Please, sweet baby Jesus, don't let the devil do that to me again today....
  4. by   jimmygionti
  5. by   jimmygionti
    ...forensic evidence.
  6. by   jimmygionti
    When a patient pushes their call bell, I hope I don't find myself in earshot.

    (If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it, did it really fall... you know?)
  7. by   rebba1960
    the patient on the floor.
  8. by   Nursey5256
    Out they have rolled oob on to the floor!!
  9. by   nurini1
    On the floor
  10. by   nurini1
    Find them on the floor
  11. by   Been there,done that
    A confused patient with c-dif ... finger painting.
  12. by   tinabringmetheaxe
    ...that my demented patient who doesn't know what a call light is accidentally presses it and i find he's naked, slid down to the bottom of the bed turning it into a literal slip 'n slide of poop and it's all over him. Even his toenails.... HIS FREAKING TOENAILS....

    Oh also, he pulled out his PICC and its 3 AM.

    True story.
  13. by   OcMurse93
    a disgruntled patient upset that their roommate is flatlining and annoyed that they keep having to get out of bed to mute the alarm