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Can anyone please help me? I am a senior nursing student and I am doing a community research project on Nurse/Patient ratios. I need 3 nurses to answer the following questions: 1)What is your... Read More

  1. by   WalMart_ADN
    1)What is your nurse/patient ratio?Is this a set ratio? What state do you live in? 3:1 days, 4:1 eves, up to 6:1 nights, no, and NY

    2)What type of unit do you work on? Peds heme/onc, general peds, and peds surgery

    3)Number of LPNs-Techs-CNAs on unit? usually one tech/shift, no lpn's

    4)How often do you float and to where? float to other peds units except PICU and NICU

    5)Do you have mandated overtime? they've done it before, but not since i've been there

    6)How often do you have to work outside your specialty? never

    7)What are your responsibilies before accepting assignments? report

    8)What are the facilities responsibilities????
  2. by   MelRN13
    1: 6:1 on nights (7p-7a), no , Michigan

    2: Cardiac Telemetry

    3: 12 beds, 2 RNs, 1 LPN, 2 nurse aides

    4: float to all other units except ICU and ER about 2-3x month

    5: only once in two years, doesn't happen very often, usually people appreciate coming in on OT

    6: never

    7: report is taped by the previous shift, updates are given after new shift listens to the taped report