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I have an interesting thought that crossed my mind for some crazy reason.... Whatcha Think of this...... In our community there is a weight loss clinic that has literally hundreds of people who... Read More

  1. by   passing thru
    Aren't people on amphetamines the ones' they used to call
    "speed freaks?"
  2. by   fourbirds4me
    I was just wondering because of the drug test question... I know that ritalin and other drugs are helpful and a must for those with ADD/ADHD but drug screens are gonna test positive for amphetimines... just wondered if that was a problem for anyone?
  3. by   Monica RN,BSN
    Hasn't been a prob for these girls, as they have legal scripts from a local doctor.
  4. by   cometothecradle
    i had a friend who used Amphetamines to get thru nursing school. She got them online, she was stick thin but entered a heavy number for her weight and got the drug. It really helped her, but I think it's messed up to do that to your body. She barely ever slept, or ate. She would run around and did seem
    "stimulated", she would practically run when she walked. She also had panic attacks, and was very emotional. That's all my experience with those drugs
  5. by   jude11142
    Originally posted by Louie18
    Has anyone worked with anyone on Methadone?
    I have worked with people who are on Methadone and I don't see it impairing their judgement or endangering patients. I don't mean for this to be biased and I am sorry in advance it it sounds it, but those who are on methadone were put on it for chronic pain and not for maintance due to drug abuse. When I did some volunteer work at a methadone clinic, what I learned and observed was that many clients would take xanax with their med to produce a "high" and they would be nodding out and definately would be a danger to others and in no way should be in a position where they are responsible for others wellbeing. I have found that patients who are on methadone for chronic pain are often stigmatized by others who are not educated in the treatment of chronic pain.

    I find that being on methadone does not automatically mean that one shouldn't be in nursing. I would hope that anyone who is on strong meds would be responsible enough to realize if their meds are putting themselves and others at risk. I do believe that most are. I know several nurses who decided to leave their job which included daily patient contact for the reason that they felt their meds put their patients and coworkers at risk. I respect them for making such a responsible decision. But, everyone is different and their bodies react differently. One may be able to function on a certain med and another may not.

    Just my opinion,