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:eek: What a're hurt or an injured nurse you are suddently 'worthless' to your employer...some injured employees are treated so badly...(I wasn't but observe others who... Read More

  1. by   live4today
    thank you, huganurse, for your wonderful and encouraging comments! i'd hug you if i could. well, how's this for a cyber-hug... (((hugs))) and :kiss

    your comments have given me added thoughts about ways i can work in nursing. i miss being a pedi nurse, but i was also a surgical nurse, a med/surg/neuro/ortho/cardiac-stepdown/gyn-surgical/newborn nursery/sicu/float-where ever needed/prn/traveling/local agency/homehealth nurse! whew!!! i've worked in all of those areas and then some as a nurse, and pedi nursing was my favorite with surgery nursing running a close tie, and cardiac stepdown running a close second.

    i've got waaaaayyyyyy too much experience not to make use of it in some way or another. i haven't given up yet! i will be returning for a nurse refresher course as soon as the military places the next set of golden orders in our hands. my allergies are so bad here in texas that i could easily sneeze us out of texas...:chuckle

    thanks for the hope, you guys and gals! see deb, we aren't down until the fat lady sings, and i don't (((hear))) anybody singing yet, do you? (((hugs))) and :kiss everyone!

    be back later today! one thing my right shoulder injury hasn't prevented me from doing is grocery shopping! darn it! :chuckle have a beautiful saturday everyone!
  2. by   4XNURSE
    Originally posted by mattsmom81

    You guys have blown me away with your posts...I'm going to reread them now and keep 'em to boost my spirits on a bad day!

    .....I would enjoy teaching, Ken, (thank you for your kind words) lack of the BSN thing holds me back...but maybe I can teach CNA's or??? with my RN're right! Thanks!.....

    Deb (Mattsmom)
    CNAs, LPNs, or? Then theres BLS, (for healthcare providers and for the public at large. - huge market!) ACLS, PALS, NRP, 12 leads, ..... It's amazing how much there is to share. I know you have a lot of knowledge and skills that many need. Everyone of us needs certifications, and recerts, every 2 years.

    You've got it! Flaunt it! Market it! There are churches, schools, clinics, social services,....all of these need a little of the vast knowledge that you take for granted. - SHARE IT! For a price or as a volunteer. Since most of us need an income to eat, I asume you would need to turn it into a job or a business, but you do have the right stuff. It's now a matter of finding the right avenue for you, to dispense it.

    Good luck!

    You can get there from here!