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:o I am getting very depressed. I was working in a small OB office until last October. I worked with different women and we had our days but worked things out. Well, I started at a hospital... Read More

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    I'm curious myself...
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    Hmmm, this blonde doesn't know.

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    I totally agree = ITA
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    is it "I Too Agree?"
    Originally posted by emily_mom
    I totally agree = ITA
    Ahhh.... thank you.
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    I have been through the same thing over and over again.
    That is why I am in the process of starting my owm business because I can't take the way that a bunch of women work together. In my high school we didn't have these problems. You said what you had to say to the person, you fought, you went on with life. When you grow up I know you can't go around fighting, but people say things and then they becaome afraid because you call them on it. From what I have seen, the ones that talk behind other peoples back are couwards and if they were confronted they would deny what they have said and then attempt to get you fired or worse. The bad part about it is that you really can't get away from it. Sometimes we have to grin and bear things. Hopefully everything gets better for you.
  7. by   shrinkyrn
    I have been considered "harsh", b****, aggressive, mean, among other things. I used to speak my mind alot more. I am always on the fringes of the cliques, more an outtie than in innie. I agree with 32yr_rn above, the practice has gotten worse over the years. But, here's an interesting twist on all of this-- this is reflected, fostered and condoned in our society, generally. The whole reality TV thing, it's all back stabbing stuff from the first "Survivor", thru "Big Brother" etc. etc. etc. There are supervisors that foster this type of back stabbing, just so they know what is going on. There are staff who need to build themselves up in everyone else eyes, who in fact do this by tearing others down. This is pervasive in society. Think about "neighborhood gossip", the "keeping up with the jones". I didn't feel as paranoid about what I said or did when I first started working in nursing almost 30 yrs. ago (29 in june). I didn't feel so paranoid about alot 30 yrs ago--- and I suspect those of us who are older might agree on that feeling about things in general. As I read the selected passages from the Rachel Simmons book I thought OMG, I want to get this book and leave it on the unit where I work anonymously. I concur with previous posts that believe if you don't say anything you condone the bashing. Its kind of like "if your not part of the solution, you're part of the problem". I had thought that everyone was talking about me. Recently, I found out that rumors are being generated by one person who is so intimidated and jealous of me for some strange reason that she starts stuff!! A while back she had told me that "people are talking about you" blah, blah, blah. Now, I realize they're talking about me cause she started it. I'm playing this one out. I will catch her and confront her. What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!!! My mom always used to say "Don't worry about people talking about you, when they talk about you, they leave somebody else alone." Of course when you are the subject of the talk, that statement is not much consolation. :chuckle
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    Shrinky, I agree, the dog eat dog mentaility is really pushed out there today. Kinder and gentler seems to be out of vogue.
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    You know, it is all nursing areas. When I was DON in LTC, we would have CNAs quit because of how they were treated by the other CNAs and you could not make them understand that if they would treat them like they wanted to be treated, they would never have to work short or extra and would be able to get time off when they wanted it. It has never made sense to me..
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    ITA= In Total Agreement.
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    I dont't really care if it is a woman thing, man thing, nurse thing or worldwide thing.
    What I do care about, is that we are professional people. I see us striving as nurses be treated like professionals. We want Dr.s to treat us with respect. We would like society to respect the profession. We are surprised when our patients do not know what is required to become an nurse.
    I do not have the same expectaions from profesional nurses, that I have on other profesions. The people working at Mcdonalds can b..... and moan at each other until the cows come home.
    Others see how we treat each other. How can I expect a Dr. to respect the nursing staff, when we don't even treat each other with respect.
    I believe the words "nurses eat their young" gives some people the feeling they have permission to ack a fool, and not suffer any recourse from their actions.......because this have been going on forever .
    Until we learn how to treat each other with a professional ethic.... I do not believe we have a right to expect other to treat us with a professioal ethic......let along be viewed as professionals......
  12. by   Ariko
    Originally posted by KC CHICK
    I know this sounds bad, but it goes anyway....
    I think this backstabbing is a problem of WOMEN and not of nurses in general. I've worked with men in an office environment (before I became a nurse)...and they don't behave in the catty way that women tend to do. Working with women in that same office, I observed much backstabbing and rudeness.

    Sorry to say gals (myself included), but I see it as a gender issue...not a nursing issue. -OR- A gender issue that affects nursing....that might be a better way to put it.

    Well, I'm glad a woman said it first, because if a man said it, he would be considered sexist.
    I have entered nursing in my late 40's, and after a successful career elsewhere, and I agree that it is a gender issue. To dwell on why that may be so it really asking for it, so I will demure to others more bold.
  13. by   baseline
    I have attended many MD meetings lately. ED, Medicine, Infection Control and the list goes on. The pettiness that can go on there could very definetly change your mind. Most of them are men. Some women. Some Americans. Some of other nationalities. Pissin and moanin and a whinin away. Blah Blah Blah.