Nurses: Are you where you started in Nursing?

  1. [font=franklin gothic medium]i was wondering if nurses tend to stay in the same area of nursing more than they change areas. i was also wondering if, even if they have changed areas, they still consider the area they started in as their fav. area.
  2. Poll: Which applies to the areas that you have worked as a nurse?

    • I work in the area of nursing where I first started as a grad.

      8.33% 1
    • I have changed areas and like the area I am in now better.

      83.33% 10
    • I have changed areas and like the first area I worked as a grad better.

      8.33% 1
    • I have no preference in the areas I have worked.

      0% 0
    12 Votes
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  4. by   Gompers
    Started in the NICU as a student...still here 6 years later.

    No plans to change units, ever! LOVE MY JOB!
  5. by   gladtobeOB
    No, Graduated Last May( Can't Believe It Has Been A Year Already) In Med-surg, Have Recently Changed To Obstetrics, And I Loooooooove It!!!!!!!
  6. by   Audreyfay
    I've been in almost every area of nursing because I get bored easily if I'm not learning new things. Some of the areas I revisited years later and found them essentially unchanged from what they used to be. But, after 28 years, I'm still an RN! :hatparty:
  7. by   iliang
    I started working in general ward after graduation and passing my boards in the PHIL shifted a year after and became a police officer working as an RN in a drug treatment facility and now I am a Psyche nurse here in Albany after hurdling the thousand and one exam to get me regrets..I love where I am now!