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Do you think it is ok if a nurse or a doctor smokes? Because i know when i go to the doctors office with my boyfriend and he tells him that he smokes that he gos on and on of how he shouldnt be... Read More

  1. by   ACESfan87
    That is just a contradictory statement to pts that are being told by them that they need to stop.
  2. by   Dempather
    How can an MD/RN expect a positive response from a patient while teaching them on smoking cessation when he/she reeks of smoke? A patient told me that once when I was a student nurse and it absolutely boggled my mind. I think we have images to portay, ones of health. Why listen to a dentist with bad teeth? A personal trainer who's out of shape?
  3. by   betmic2002
    I think all nurses wishes they did not smoke. Not because we are nurses, but because it is an addiction that has a control on our lives. We know the risks, and that is scary, but at the same time reassuring. We are better prepared for the enevitable. But, playing devil's advocate, is there anyone really prepared for their own death and suffering?
  4. by   RN 4 U
    Quote from augigi
    They don't "want" to most of the time, they are addicted to nicotine. Do you think they don't KNOW it's unhealthy? Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances known to man.
    It is a personal choice like so many other nurses have stated, even though they are addicted they made an informed decision to become addicted, they knew that it was addicting so why start a habit you know you will have a hard time quitting. Just don't make good sense to me.
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  5. by   elizabeth321
    Smoking is unacceptable...I am glad where I work they are making it very very difficult for staff and patients to smoke...they are making it very very easy to quit nicotine products and conselling.

  6. by   danissa
    Quote from ajcy
    What about all the overweight nurses who are supposed to educate their patients on diet and exercise but clearly do not "practice what they preach"?
    MMM Chocolate or Ciggies? Chocolate in work, (we get loads free) but i am so bad, don't have chocs outside work, but do have a few ciggies! i know how bad it is, but after being at work from 07.00-20.00, I go outside the gates in my own car and enjoy just one! destress for the half hour drive home, and boy , do I enjoy it. But during my working hours, I don't think about it, and it's a long day or night! Back to the Chocolate!!!!!:spin:
    Oh btw, i am a bl**dy good nurse, even if I admit to "doing" chocolate at work and Ciggies out of it!
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  7. by   banditrn
    Quote from BelindaLPN
    You know, I hear a lot on this board about nurses who take a lot of smoke breaks. I would like to know where they work cause I am lucky to get time to pee at work. I am with ya on not watching someone's pts 5-6 times a day......smoking is not an excuse for getting more breaks than anyone else!
    Belinda - I used to work at one of those hospitals where the breaks were split amongst the smokers - but no more. The hospital has completely banned smoking on their campus - even in cars!

    They've supposedly hired 'extra security' to patrol the parking lots - and I'm waiting to see what happens when they tell some visitor that they can't smoke in their own car - and the visitor tells them to buzz-off!
  8. by   Bluehair
    Smoke on, it's their body and they know what they are doing more than the average joe. BUT - it bugs the heck out of me when working with a heavy smoker. They take WAY more breaks (patient care suffers, and so do we when we have to pick up the slack while they run outside) and they STINK when they come back in. Patients have commented and requested not to have one co-worker take care of them as a result. I've also worked with smokers who worked hard on not having that happen (mints, etc.). If you have to smoke at work then for pete's sake please keep it to a minimum so the rest of us don't have to support your habit.
  9. by   AfloydRN
    Since I am very anti- smoking, I would have to say it is very unprofessional to walk into the hospital( smoke free) and have to pass through the smokers out front. I hate the smell and it gets on my clothes and hair. Patients are also sensitive to smells and probably assume I smoke too.
  10. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    (Die, thread, die)
  11. by   danissa
    :uhoh21: Have admitted to using the dreadful stick of poison outside work hours, YES, I know the risks and associated harm to my body, but can't seem to give the god awful habit up! It is a habit, I know I need to break the routine, maybe this year!!! I know that i can last for the 13 or so hours I'm in work, but as soon as the scrubs are off that's me-- old puffin billy again! means that I have to scrub my hair before each shift, and not smoking in the house means my clothes don't stink! Would be absolutely mortified though if some of our babies parents knew that i smoked! People when they find out, never believe that I am the kind of person who would!(What kind of person that is I don't know, but I guess I don't fit their image!)
    Anyhoo, our hospital is supposedly smoke free, in the grounds as well, but all around the doorways patients and visitors are still standing smoking, and you know what --I Hate It! Nobody polices this, so it continues and we continue to wade through the *** ends to get into work. This is a hospital, and to pass pregnant women at 7 in the morning out shivering and having a *** is horrible! i never smoked until I was 27 yrs old, would never have done when pregnant with my three babes, how stupid am I now eh? :imbar
  12. by   RYNOBLASTER30
    Hey we should be guaranteed our lunches and breaks. That's the law. Whatever you want to do on that break is your decision. On my current travel assignment, we have a large lounge with couches. You see ancillary staff, and nurses alike taking cat naps. Smoking is a personal choice, just like drinking. People are going to do whatever they want, whether that be good/bad. But when you can't breath, please don't ask me for a breathing treatment.
  13. by   simbaRN
    I started smoking when I was 15 years old and guess what, my father let me, what the heck was he thinking. Especially, now I have a 16 year old daughter and could'nt comprehend letting her smoke. Im not sure if smoking is a personal choice, but yet a true addiction and wished I never started. I further don't believe comments such as "thanks for the future job security" despite there maybe truth behind this statement. I just heard this yeasterday at work by another nurse due to a patient was an alocholic. People don't wake up oneday and just say "I think I'll start a habit thats hard to break oneday in my life" I do wish smoking was never invented, and wished we all never had this terrible habit.:angryfire I continued to smoke, despite having fissures on my tongue, cila destroyed in my trachea and leuckoplakia in my mouth, because I am addicted. However, I am a B* today because Im on my second day cold turkey! Despite my battle with nictoine I will continue to be a compassionate nurse and may even help patients with this horrible habit, due to being in there shoes. I had this habit years before becoming a nurse. As for the people who quite smoking nor never smoked I thank G-d they quit or never started One more thing I realize now how strong smoke really smells, I never noticed it before. This is me today>> :EEK: