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I think as professionals, nurses must change jobs more frequently than any other profession. In the last five years, how many employers have you had? I am beginning to see why nurses retire... Read More

  1. by   colleen10
    Most government jobs usually push for their employees to retire early. Both of my in-laws woked for the government. One retired at 50 the other at 53. The job I have now we work with not only Federal employees but also state employees and a lot of the state employees are retiring at 55. I don't think I have ever run into a state or fed. employee that was still in their job at 65. Even if they still wanted to work at that age the gov. has long pushed them into early retirement. Often by the time they reach 62.
  2. by   semstr
    Must tell my hubby immediately! LOL
  3. by   llg
    To Colleen10: Good for you! (And I mean that sincerely. I'm not being sarcastic or anything.) So many people don't start thinking about saving for retirement until they are in their 40's that they get into trouble.

    Like your grandfather, my Dad taught me to "pay myself first" and I will be OK -- even though I have changed jobs many, many times in my now 25-year career. With each job, I took whatever retirment benefits I could get and "rolled them over" when I left -- unlike some people who cash them in and spend the money.

    Keep up the good work -- and thanks for the thoughful post about why some of us (old or young) change jobs frequently.