Nurses all come from DYSFUNCTIONAL backgrounds?? - page 3

Ok I hope I get some responses on this.. I work in a local hospital and I work on a telemetry floor. Its a high stress floor with lots of action always going on. We can't keep a manager. Its just... Read More

  1. by   mercyteapot
    As for the dysfunctional background stat, I guess I could believe that, since the term is so loosely defined and if interpreted liberally, could appy to 70% of the general population. I know I came from a dysfunctional background, and I've known lots of my colleagues' backgrounds (via their own reports). The 30% figure is extremely doubtful to me. Sounds like something spun out of whole cloth.
  2. by   laurakoko
    The person that stated that these nurses, and staff are dysfunctional..... needs to take a look at herself. I know she isn't perfect.

    WHAT THE H*** IS NORMAL, ANYWAYS..................
    Define NORMAL in the dictionary... regarding people..hmmmmmmmm
    Every single person on the face of this earth, has some story, some backround, something they could not control, happen to them----- at SOME point of their life.
    We all just didn't go pack picnic baskets with our families on Sunday, and gallop thru fields of flowers all day...talking, laughing, and loving.
    Yeah, sometimes. But not all.

    Define someone, anyone, who is the lucky person who galloped thru flowers, has not encountered illness, death, the most polite personal relationships , without stress, disaster, or conflict, entering their lives............... You can't ........
    It doesn't exsist. We all cope in different ways. Yeah, some better, than others, and the way we cope is the REAL factor....
    but to say, "70% of all nurses are dysfuntional..." You'd better mean, 100% of all people are dysfunctional, NO ONE is perfect. DYSFUNCTIONING meaning= not functioning thru all situations in the "NORMAL/IDEAL" that someone ??? defined for all. I.E. I have to cry if my mom dies.
    Putting it on another defintion.... cardiac arrhythmia means LACK of a rhythm. So everyone with Afib, PVCs, SVT, has ABSENCE of a rhythm?
    She needs to define dysfunctional in a different term...........