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Ive been reading some posts lately talking about how nurses do way more work then doctors and in that matter that they work way harder then a doctor does. What do you guys think about that. Do you... Read More

  1. by   canadiannurse21
    Although I do believe nurses do more physical labour than doctors, I dont necessarily think we "do more" in general. The patient to Doctor ratio is high on the patient end, and that must be looked at carefully--a Dr could not be expected to do as much hands on as we nurses do. There are simply not enough of them. Consequently, Doctors have become decision makers and order givers for the most part--and I dont see any way out of that.
    Now may I say---HATS OFF TO ALL NURSES
  2. by   RNFROG3
    I agree with cutesabutton.Different strokes for different folks , I wouldn't change from nursing to doctoring for anything in the world. I love the docs I get to work with and I think we have a mutual respect thingThey can't be everywhere, I can't be everywhere that's why they look to me to keep things moving and protect there hides , I look to our PCP(pt care partners)to help me keep an eye on things. Our levels of caring for the pt are so different but everyone is so crucial especially when the sh** is hitting the fan.
  3. by   HazeK
    The OBs I work with, put in long hours in office, on L&D, doing rounds at two or three hospitals, in OR, etc.

    The nurses work....well, you already know how hard we work.

    The difference is the financial rewards differ greatly, as well as the degress of respect given to the two different professions.
  4. by   debyan
    I agree with the apples and oranges sentiment. deb
  5. by   skipwrn
    I believe the QUESTION IS "who CARES" more: nurses or doctors. I am a nurse with over 37 years work experience as well as personal and family medical issues. It seems the MEDICAL model is "cash before compassion" BUT there is no compassion or apparent interest. No more OLD time caring general practitioner who knows each patient. Now, when you Call the office you get told no appointment available "if a medical emergency - go to the emergency room." How does a lay person know if it is an emergency - no more call back from the physician. As a movie I once saw on QUALITY - said the veterarians give better, complete care and follow up. My vet even called to see how my bunnie was doing. My doctor "didn't seem to care how I was at the scheduled appointment." Please be COMPASSIONATE - the REAL difference that makes us NURSES
  6. by   joyouter
    Do nurses work harder than doctors? From an immediate perspective, both work hard especially in clincal settings. Long term, doctors have greater choices for private/public practice, superior salary scales, infinitely more respect, power and are able to control their environment which nurses apart from a few private specialist practitioners will never be able to match, hence nurse will continue to work hard throughout their career. A career change is the only alternative.