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  1. by   Arkansas RN
    I agree totally with more and bigger pockets! It seems each year I have more and more things I need to carry with me at all times. Pockets that are deep enough that when you bend over things don't fall out is critical. Double sewing seams around the pockets to keep pens and hemostats from poking out is important too.

    Being short, I prefer pants with ankle cuffs so I don't have to hem them. Also being lazy, I only buy uniforms that don't wrinkle and can be worn without ironing.

    It would be wonderful if someone came up with a material that didn't permanently stain when charcoal gets on them. Seems every uniform I get eventually gets stained with charcoal.

    I find that double sewing the crotch seams is also helpful to prevent them from ripping open over time. I have to do this myself since I don't know any that come that way already.

    Slip on uniforms are better than buttons but snaps work ok too.
  2. by   dfurbee
    Personally, I think we should wear our own clothes to the hospital, then change into scrubs. We need to keep all of the nasty at the hospital, and not take it home. We should also leave our shoes at the hospital. IMHO
  3. by   carolynd
    My question about uniforms is --- Do nurses today look like professionals? Can nurses be identified by patients or do we look and act like unlicensed personal. Do you think patients have more confidence in you when you wear cutsy prints? I look at other professions and they have a distinctive uniform - would you feel comfortable if the pilot on the plain wore long loose hair and scrubs. What about the police or even doctors? I think nurses need to get back into uniform - maybe not white and definately not hats but something that is uniformly distinctive for nurses. If we want to be considered a profession we should look like a professional. Our uniform could be pants or skirt but pajamas (scrubs)? At least with the white people knew who we were.
  4. by   Sunny01
    Quote from Chicklet2
    Make all scrubs in a material that'll never wrinkel. I'm sick of ironing!!
    I so agree with that! I don't like white uniforms because you can see every little spot on them. I prefer soft cotton; pants should have a string instead of elastic band at the waist; and I would like the tops to be more fitted instead of a big square with sleeves.
  5. by   adrienurse
    I agree with needing to be able to identify who the professionals are. The unit clerks in my facility have a specific uniform of purple scrubs and a specific sweater. They always look so much more put together than the nurses (well okay they get to keep clean) and people off the street assume they're nurses all the time.