Nurse reinvestment act

  1. Could someone kindly direct me to the link for the loan forgivness for nurses? A couple of nurses I work with need the info and we cannot find it....thanks

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    here is a LINK to multiple threads on this topic...i"m too lazy to sort through them.......
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    <need the info and we cannot find it...>

    Its right at the top of the first page of this board.
    Titled Sticky: Funding for Nursing Education & Advanced Nursing Ed

    here you go. (notice the deadlines for applications)

    Funding for Nursing Education

    While the Nurse Reinvestment Act, which addresses funding for nursing school and advanced nursing education, as well as workplace improvements and recruitment/retention initiatives, waits for Congress to allocate the $250 million needed before this new law can be implemented, its companion, the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program, is now open to practicing RNs.

    Instructions for applying for this financial assistance are on the ANA website ( - also posted below

    <<Attention: All Registered Nurses -

    Nurse Education Loan Repayment Program Applications

    If you are a practicing RN willing to work at an eligible health care facility, you may be eligible to be reimbursed up to 85% for any outstanding, unpaid student loans under the Nurse Education Loan Repayment Program.

    The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) is currently accepting applications from nurses for this financial assistance. The deadline is March 31, 2003.

    The Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program (NELRP) offers Registered Nurses substantial assistance to repay educational loans in exchange for service in eligible facilities located in areas experiencing a shortage of nurses.
    (there is no shortage of areas experiencing a shortage of nurses so the list of eligible facilities to choose from is long)

    HRSA prefers that applications be submitted online, although they will accepted paper forms.

    For more eligilbilty requirements and more info, including shortage areas, and online application go to:

    To apply online, go to:

    Attention: RNs and Nursing Students -

    Nurse Reinvestment Act (NRA) - signed into law August 1, 2002 -

    Provides assistance for RNs to advance in their careers, including nurses and nurses' aides who specialize in treating geriatric patients. Assists RNs in obtaining specialty certifications and advanced degrees, including Master's and doctoral degrees and RN educators

    For student nurses, the NRA has broadened the loan repayment program and added scholarships for students already accepted into nursing schools. In order to qualify for these funds, nursing students must commit to working for at least two years after graduation in health care facilities deemed to have a critical shortage of nurses. The law is awaiting allocation of funds from Congress for implemenation.

    For more info on the Nurse Reinvestment Act, see The American Journal of Nursing article in the Dec 2002 issue:
    "What Could the Nurse Reinvestment Act Mean to You"

    All nurses and student nurses are encouraged to contact their Congressmen and US Senators to urge that the needed $250 million in funding be applied expeditiously.

    Also, check with your state nurses association for state-sponsored educational grants for nurses and students nurses. Thanks to the hard work & political activity of a lot of pro-active RNs, many states now have legislation to compliment the federal Nurse Reinvestment Act and Nursing Education Loan repayment Program.

    Legislation passed in 2001 to help fund nursing students:

    Illinois legislation amends the Nursing Education Scholarship Law. Rhode Island legislation allows interest on student loans to be forgiven. Texas law makes grants to nursing programs to increase enrollment, so check with the individual schools on that. Oregon legislation repays student loans for nurses practicing in nursing shortage areas. Two bills were passed in Nebraska - The first provides eligible students with a loan forgiveness program after practicing nursing for an agreed upon period. The second bill provides loan repayment to nurses who agree to practice in a shortage area (so a student takes out loans while in school & the state later forgives the loan or pays them back for her). Legislation passed in Virginia provides scholarships and loan repayment programs for nurses. In 2002, CA, CT, ME, MN, NV, NJ, NM, NY, and PA were also working on state laws to help nursing students go to school. Contact those state nurses associations for details.

    And dont forget to go to the online scholarship search engines & use keywords: Nursing, medical, health, sciences
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