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I recently started apply for jobs in another state I am trying to move back home closer to family. Interviews went great and the job that I really really really want called me back wanting to do a... Read More

  1. by   Quickbeam
    I recommend getting a copy of your official employee evaluations for the last 2 or 3 years. You can give copies to your prospective employer to show that your previous manager valued you. Use that to supplement any references given by peers or friends
    This has saved my career so many times! It is great advice and worth repeating. I had a couple long term jobs; by the time I changed, some of my old bosses were retired or dead. I've had a few employers use evaluations instead of calling references.

    Definitely ask people for a reference before listing them. I've had people ask me to list their home # so they could get around the HR thing.

    On the flip side? I always offer to be a reference to people I've worked with who are good employees. It is an invaluable favor when peole need it the most. I owe my current job to someone willing to vouch for me so I try and pay it forward as much as I can.
  2. by   DixieRedHead
    It is absolutely possible. It is policy where I work. All that is given is length of employment and job title. When I check references that is all I ask for.
  3. by   movingangel
    I saw your profile and noticed you are an ADON. I can't send you a private message because I haven't posted enough on this site yet. I wanted to ask you a question as well about obtaining references since you're an ADON.
    I was a travel nurse years ago and when I got a reference from an agency, I would keep it in my file to produce to the next company.
    I've been wanting to travel and I've been dealing with about 10 different companies so far. Completed apps, skills checklists, etc. I asked a previous nurse manager to give me a reference and she was willing to do so. Now, every time I have a travel nurse agency contact me, I tell them I have references from the other companies I was working with, BUT they won't accept it. I spoke to my old manager a few weeks ago and she went ballistic when I told her that so and so might be calling, she said.."this is ridiculous, I've given you SO MANY references already. The companies all want someone within the past year. And I find these reference forms are pretty subjective. You can be a phenomenal nurse, but if your manager didn't like you, they can say "she had a poor attitude, etc." Even the questions that are on these forms are subjective.
    I don't want to keep bothering these people and I've told some companies, that my former employer will only give out info from HR. Yet, they won't accept it.
    Also, I was told that if a reference was obtained on you, legally you have a right to a copy of that reference. I asked one recruiter who even said "your references came back great", etc. but when I asked him to email me a copy of the refs, he refused, saying it's their property. Just wondering if you can help me go about getting refs and/or should I just be adamant and say the hospital will not give out anything other than what HR has? I'd appreciate your help.
  4. by   Marshall1
    This is not unusual..many hospitals now won't give any info. other than employment dates and some will state if the person is eligilble for rehire or not. Honestly, I have never really understood the whole reference thing anyway - I do understand confirming employment but reference? Most people are not going to put down someone who would give them a bad review..
  5. by   movingangel
    I totally agree with you. I have a friend who is a lawyer and he said by law, the only information that an employer has to give about you is position, salary, dates of employment. And as far as being eligible for rehire, if the hospital states this, they have to inform you before you leave.
    I mentioned that one of the recruiters I was working with who OBTAINED REFS ON ME AND SAID THEY WERE GOOD, is refusing to give me a copy of them. So when a manager is called 20 times for a reference I understand them getting annoyed. And this recruiter said it's because of legal purposes. Well, why would I give you the name of someone who I know won't give me a good reference? It's common sense and yet he even told me my references were good.
    I can't keep hounding these people. A friend of mine, who is a nurse, even suggested "just tell your sister-in-law to act like she's the manager I worked with". I said I hate to lie, so then she goes yea, but this whole country is based on lies and if you want a job, that's what you'll have to do.
    I contacted one of my old facilities I worked with and EVERY manager is gone now. Do you have any suggestions?
  6. by   movingangel
    P.S. Marshall1....Even if a company gave you a reference, but said is inelligible for rehire when you resigned on good terms...if they felt that way, why would they keep you?
    "Oh, I wouldn't rehire her, but she worked here for 5 years and had good evaluations" It's so ridiculous.