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:( Am I the only one who resents the "nurse impersonators" who abound in the health care field? Everyone who works at a doctor's office or in a hospital wears scrubs and seems to pass... Read More

  1. by   hiker
    I agree aides masquerading as RN's is a problem! One of my long-time major pet peeves in clinics- those MA's prance around w/steths, everyone assumes an RN, no aides correct them, as they are wannabees. DRIVES ME NUTS!!! And they cannot even correctly place a BP cuff! And some DO triage phone calls! Scary! I am a huge believer in name tags that have the designation large enough so pts can see it, but most do not even wear name tags.
  2. by   Q.
    Originally posted by Jessy_CA26
    NurseKaren maybe you should go back and re-read.. I said C-MA to LVN not LPN

    Yes, you can petition the board all the info is here
    Jessy - LPN and LVN are the same thing. Just different names by state preference.
  3. by   Q.
    I would HOPE the state of California does not just GRANT a nursing license based on working hours as a Medical Assistant. A license should be granted after passing the licensing exam!

  4. by   Jessy_CA26
    Why should it scare you that some do triage calls? that is what were are trained to do ya know.
  5. by   Jessy_CA26
    And yes you still have to pass the exam.. Come on now.. You just dont have to go through the LVN program.

    Just to clear things up a bit.. to petition the LVN board you must:

    Go through a MA program no less then twelve months
    Work out in the field for a minimum of two years including taking the following classes Psychology, Intro to Pharmacology, Anatomy and your Continuing ed units

    And yes my dears you still have to take the test.
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  6. by   JMP
    Why do so many people miss the point- everyone wants to jump down people's throat with the same tired old- who is better than who routine. MAN is it boring!

    Can't people understand that this thread was started regarding PEOPLE who dress like nurses, with the INTENTION of people THINKING they are nurses, when they ARE NOT nurses. Who cares who they are......... housekeepers, some sort of assistant, dietary, respiratory techs. WHATEVER. Man some people are thick. Drives me nuts!!!!!

    At my doctor's office the person who answers the phone is a MEDICAL secretary. She has a nurses uniform on. NEVER in my life would I ask her a medical question.......because I am a RN and I know she is not one..........but she does not call herself a nurse, legally she can't . But want to bet lots of people THINK she is one. THIS IS THE TOPIC. Nurse wannabe's. Get it?
  7. by   Q.
    Originally posted by Jessy_CA26
    Why should it scare you that some do triage calls? that is what were are trained to do ya know.
    Because of what I explained earlier. Jessy, know what you don't know.

    I am not making a judgement on you, but there are some MAs who DO NOT know what they don't know - and that is dangerous. Nursing is not about doing psychomotor skills like venipuncture, BPs and sterile technique. You have not gone to nursing school so you do not know what is it is that nurses are taught. Psychomotor skills are just a SMIDGIT of what a nurse does.

    The decison making, like triaging, is MORE of what a nurse does and knows - but still not the half of it. I'm sorry, but an MA triaging is a dangerous thing. And, in the case I cited, the patient ASKED for a nurse and was not given one. The MA passed herself off as a nurse because she wears scrubs and wears a stethoscope around her neck - and as a result a patient was hurt. THAT is what licensed nurses are upset about. IMPERSONATION. Your issues that you are talking about are not about impersonation.
  8. by   JMP
    Jessy, go back and re-read suzy's story about the young girl, HTN and BCP's........... that is the scary part about telephone triage being done by someone OTHER than a RN.
  9. by   JMP
    Never mind.....Jessy just read Suzy's latest reply. Perfectly put.
  10. by   Jessy_CA26
    Ok but EMT's and Medic's have less then a year of training as well and do triage.. is that dangerous as well?

    I think its the education that you have had and the continuing education that you are taking..

    Im not here to fight with anybody.. Please dont think that.

    Maybe Im just lucky cuz my office pays for my schooling and whatever classes I want to take including my Nursing school which will be paid for by them. Maybe that is the diffrence.. Im constantly in school taking classes and pushing fwd. Yes in MA school there were a bunch of half ass people who pranced around thinking they were nurses. I was never one of them. I understand why that would get you upset, angry etc. Really I do.

    I work under a wonderful RN and Doctor who push me to go on.

    Were all here to help people out right?
  11. by   JMP
    So does the term "scope of practice" exsist in the US? Cause it is a biggie here.........
  12. by   Furball
    I used to work homecare and an incident comes clearly to mind regarding a MA at a family practice office. One day during a visit with a quadraplegic pt, I noticed he was on 2 new meds. An ace inhibitor and a diuretic. That was odd....he had zero history of any cardiac probs. He was c/o dizziness (mmm...wonder why?) and didnt like peeing all the time and asked if this new water pill was really necessary? His BP was normally 130/80, today it was 90-ish over 40. I asked him if the doctor had discussed these drugs with him and alarms rang out when he said "no". I called the office to ask about the new meds and spoke with an MA who identified herself as "the nurse." I told her I thought there was a mistake with this pts meds and explained the situation. She asked me to look at the bottle label and the pts name was written on the label. (Yes it was) She INSISTED that the meds were correct. So, I asked her does this pt have a cardiac condition that wasn't explained to the pt ?? She said "no, not according to his records!!!!!! So why is he taking these meds? "I don't know but the dr obviously thought he should take them." She refused to get the doc on the line. I finally asked her "Are you an RN?" Looooong pause.."no..I'm a MA". Could you PLEASE get an RN on the line? I practically screamed. The RN and I figured it out in about 30 seconds...the pts father with the same name goes to the same dr. GEESH!

    I would NEVER take my family to an office where triage is done by MA's, not any slam here just common sense re; education level and training.
  13. by   Q.
    Jessy you sound like a really nice girl and one who is very interested in the medical field. And that is good. We need nursing bodies whether it's RNs or LPNs. I just don't want you to misunderstand where our frustration comes in.

    As far as EMTs, etc that you mentioned. I'm not so sure that EMTs are actually triaging; I think they are treating trauma and other injuries upon arrival - and then transporting them immediately to a hospital. I'm sure if come upon multiple victims the EMTs would have to "triage" of some sort - who is most critically injured - but again this is with full time experience in doing so and with actually being able to physically assess the patient. I think any layperson if coming upon 2 people, one bleeding from the abdomen and one with a shiner, I think they would be able to think that the bleeder is more important at the moment. But triaging on the phone is even MORE difficult; you can't see the patient sho you have to know what to ask - how to draw connections.

    Nurses are usually only after one thing - and that is patient safety. When we fight for no overtime, it's for patient safety. When we fight for better pay, it's to attract more people to join the profession or keep who we have, for patient safety. When we hate nurse impersonators, it's for patient safety and the survival of our profession. Nothing more, really. It's not about MAs and if they are valuable, or about CNAs and if they are valuable, it's about nurses right now.