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  1. Yea, i was the one who asked about the labor and recieving nurse, and I was curious on what classes would be helpful that i should take in hs. Chemistry? Let me know!

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  3. by   janine3&5
    I'm currently a nursing student-the best subject that I studied in high school was anatomy and physiology. Of course, you have to retake it in college if going for your RN, but still it's good to have the background knowledge-as you use A&P in everything you study in nursing school. Also, basic algebra-all nursing programs have a drug dosage component that involves this knowledge. I took chem in high school, don't remember much of what I learned, just the basics-it isn't required for an ADN degree at my school but I think most/all BSN programs will require that you take it. These courses all give you a good foundation to start from. (You'll be taking all of them again in college, but more in depth) It's great that you're looking ahead in your education-Good luck!
  4. by   hollykate
    Take both chem, bio and any math you can. In addition, I would recommend taking Spanish- and continuing to do so in college. It will really help you- I spent all my OB clinicals with only spanish speaking patients, my instructors loved to give them to me, the nurses loved that I could actually communicate with the patients, and the patients also enjoyed being more aware of care (Thats what they said at least).
  5. by   prmenrs
    Take "college prep" courses. As much science as you can, and I definitely agree about the Spanish! If you've got a college in mind, get their catalog, and check out their recommendations. sometimes, the counselors' office has college catalogs, and the counselors can also help w/classes. Good luck.